Last Friday I was working on a section ” The Relationship” for my new series “Educating the Heart with Nature Art“.

Using LAND ART as my chosen art form for this section,  I began to create a stone family enveloped in love by a colourful pebbled heart.


That night I dreamt a tree was cradling the heart.

When I awoke, to my surprise and delight, there were leaves scattered around my piece of land art.

So now I had to create a tree.

We have just recently moved high up into the mountains and the rock face behind us offers great pieces of crumbled rock of all shapes and sizes.



I gathered many pieces, each one unique and beautiful. After giving thanks for the gift of these sacred rocks I set to work on the tree.


We are all connected. We are One


I feel no separation from the natural world around me. The rocks, the trees, every plant and insect surrounds me with a living presence.


I feel them in my heart, they are part of me.

You Love the Earth and the Earth Loves You

‘You love the earth and the earth loves you. You would do anything for the well-being of the earth. And the earth will do anything for your well-being. That is the natural outcome of the real loving relationship. The earth is not just your environment, to be taken care of or worshiped; you are each other”. Thich Nhat Hanh


This piece of Land Art is a reminder of the sacredness of the “Relationship”.

The Relationship with our children; The Relationship with ourselves.

The Relationship with our partner, our elders, our neighbours.

The Relationship with animals and all living things.


The Relationship with our sacred Mother Earth.  The Relationship with God.

Wishing you all a beautiful and enchanting week in nature, love and peace Marghanita x

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