Project Description:  ECE Two Day NATURE ART Workshop:  Location: Miami, Florida


Connecting Children with Nature through Art

group with Marghanita

I have just returned from presenting a two day workshop at one of the most magical and enchanting schools I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Their mission is to cultivate confident, creative and joyful children in an outdoor classroom where there are no walls forming barriers to growth. In this setting, the children can explore, create and learn from what nature has to    offer.


When you arrive at the farm you instantly feel the enchanting energy. Its beauty and love envelopes you like a warm blanket. Tiptoeing barefoot through the orchard on my way to the tree stump seating area, I am greeted by elegant peacocks and flighty red cardinals.  I am in awe of the wonder and beauty surrounding me. I feel I have arrived in heaven.


A child’s growing and developing brain needs lots of real life multi dimensional experiences.

girl 1

In this school, children will have the freedom to play and learn as they go. This peaceful and organic approach allows children to unfold naturally in this beautiful, awe-inspiring harmonious environment.


The animals at this school play a large part in helping children understand that they are part of nature too, that we are all connected.


Over the years I have tried to tailor my workshops to offer the best programme I can for early childhood educators wishing to connect children with nature through meaningful art. My latest workshop “Educating the Heart through Nature Art” focuses on how we as adults can take better care of ourselves (through creativity and self expression) so that we can be more present and influential in the lives of children.

happiness pebble

It all begins with a happy, healthy, peaceful teacher.

The best teachers teach from the heart


Teaching with Love and Compassion enables the educator to deliver lessons with much greater depth and meaning.


During our two day  “hands-on” workshop we created soulful and meaningful art from nature.

shaker 8



The educators hearts were fully open. Love filled the air and we had a sense of freedom to explore, create, sing, share and embrace each others words, beauty, love and spirits. Our creativity flourished.


These simple nature based art activities I teach help Connect the Child’s Heart with the Earth’s Heart

flower crown 6

Art Nourishes the Soul

Celebrating the miracle of life each day, paying gratitude and respect to all we are gifted. Simple vine weaving and interweaving flowers, leaves and feathers offers fabulous sensory experiences and motoring skills for little hands not to mention imaginative play once they place their crown on their little heads…


During the interactive workshop we learned how to actively engage children with nature through art with a focus on self-expression, creativity, love and compassion and connection.




These nature based activities awaken childrens’ senses, minds and hearts and help them to express their feelings, ideas, thoughts and urges. Providing children with a better understanding of their connection with nature and one another in ways that are fun and encourage them to explore and celebrate their unique sense of creativity.


 Painting in Nature with Nature


“Creativity, is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.”

rubbing 2


elephant puppet

MULTI SENSORY EXPERIENCES: Spending time with donkeys: feeding, touching and smelling them!

marghnaita and class

Discussing the shape, the size, the smell, the beauty of the donkeys.

worhtyland school marghanita

LAND ART: Creating a Donkey from all the natural materials gathered on our walk to visit the donkeys.


donkey 2


Children exposed regularly to nature have less anxiety, lower levels of behavioral conduct disorders and higher sense of self worth. 

feeding animals

 “Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the mountains and stars above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and the flowers on earth. They will begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.” -David Polis

group with Marghanita

So what elements can we take from this inspiring school and implement into our urban schools and smaller country schools? How can we have a little slice of heaven in our school too? If you would like to find out please tiptoe on over to: Educating the Heart through Nature Art.

Love to all the beautiful souls in Florida… truly grateful for sharing your little slice of Heaven with me .