When children and nature mix, something magical happens –
every child deserves that Magic!



Marghanita Hughes is an educator, artist, author and illustrator, deeply committed to reuniting children with the natural world through art. She is the founder of “Educating the Heart with Nature Art,” an international nature art program which provides solutions for educators, parents, and organizations wishing to reconnect children with nature and encourage them to explore and celebrate their creativity.Marghanita’s art projects focus on the interconnectedness we have with one another and all living things, and can be integrated into any curriculum. She has also written and illustrated many children’s picture books and is a member of Artstarts.


“I grew up in a home where art, nature and books were the stuff of everyday life. My parents, both art teachers allowed me the freedom to roam wild and my young mind was free to wander, explore and discover in the beautiful country-side of Scotland. That sense of awe and wonder has never left me. It’s what drives me to explore more, not just in art and nature but in life itself. The more I discover and learn the more I wish to share.  I believe if we inspire a love for nature in a child, it will lead to a desire to protect it. My overwhelming goal is to nurture the Body, Mind and Spirit in each child in my classes I teach and indirectly through the educators in my workshops.”



We evolved in nature – if we become disconnected from the natural world we lose something magical, something so precious. We lose part of what it means to be human.


WHY NATURE AND ART? Watch the video:

Nature and Art are essential for the developing child from marghanita on Vimeo.




My mission: To return our children to Mother Earth and reawaken the awe and wonder in those of us who have forgotten. We have to give children the opportunity and freedom to go outside and explore, discover the magic Mother Nature has to offer, only then can they understand how precious it is.

Connecting the Child to Mother Earth’s Heart

Fostering a deep love and connection with nature. Encouraging children to explore and celebrate their unique sense of creativity: EDUCATING THE HEART WITH NATURE ART





Our children are only gifted to us for such a short time. Watch and listen to your children.
They will teach you more than you ever thought possible.


Live with love 

As parents, if we show an appreciation for Mother Nature, the children in our lives will follow us. Lead by example, take a walk in the park, help your child grow flowers and veggies, go on a bug hunt, let them climb a tree, collect fallen blossom together, make smelly potions and mud pies.



Marghanita the Artist



Nature speaks to the Soul – My creativity is from the heart fuelled by my soul. It is how I communicate with the world.

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” ~Henry Ward Beecher


“Wonder” from my Orange Moon book series


Everyone is an artist in their own unique way, and that personal creativity is one of the secrets of happiness. Mother Nature is my inspiration.


“The world doesn’t need more ‘successful people.’ The world desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” — Dalai Lama



my office


Nature is the best Teacher

Getting children excited and curious about the natural world through Nature ART is what my classes are all about. The nature activities that I teach are fun, engaging and easy to do and awaken childrens’ senses, minds and hearts. Children need to go outside for both learning and play. Time outdoors helps children to develop a sense of spirit, independence and confidence.


Educating the Heart through Nature Art

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Telling stories is an important part of healing and self-knowledge. A personal and spiritual vehicle for connecting us to other people and understanding ourselves and our place in the world. I believe storytelling to be a vital part of the circle of life.




More than anything, I hope that children get the opportunity to get up close to nature at an early age before the onset of the technological world that will undoubtedly become part of their everyday life .

My latest book character : ORANGE MOON




Say hello to Orange Moon . With a full heart and the magic of nature at her fingertips, Orange Moon is always on the lookout for her next great outdoor adventure.



Children are born with the gift of imagination. They are dreamers and know no boundaries. My inner child is always eager to leap out and grab life’s adventures and opportunities. I dream that one day we will all live in harmony.

“Only by embracing nature and claiming our place in the cycle of life can we truly free ourselves and find peace and serenity.”



Love makes the world a beautiful place!





marghanita outdoors


I love your quote on your blog, Marghanita, When children and nature mix, something magical happens – every child deserves that Magic! What advice would you give parents about encouraging their children to find that magic?

What’s so wonderful about nature and the outdoors – It’s FREE to all who want to experience it. The magic can be found in your own backyard, local park or even under a rock or fallen branch lying on the walkway.

By taking your child outside, they get to use all their senses. Together you can listen to bird song and spot the many different birds (borrow a bird book from the library). Follow a slimy snail trail, climb a tree, go on a bug hunt. Wade in the creek, let minnows tickle your feet, watch dragonflies perform acrobatics. Plant some seeds or vegetables, kids love to watch things grow and they can learn where food comes from at the same time. Smell the flowers, watch the bees buzz and the butterflies flutter from one flower to the next.

The magic is there to be discovered, at any time of year because each season brings its own magic!

“Come forth into the light of things, let Nature be your teacher.” William Wordsworth