The Ponderosa Pines in the back garden are literally crawling with White Breasted Nuthatchers. They creep up and down the tree trunk like little mice.


Each season brings new visitors to the garden.

These adorable little visitors are extremely acrobatic, pausing occasionally to hang and hammer at a crack.


They get their common name from their habit of jamming nuts into tree bark, then whacking them with their sharp bill to “hatch” out the seed from the inside.


Connecting Kids to Nature

Not only do birds brighten up your day with their beautiful chorus, they are also fascinating to watch with your family.


Bird watching is so much fun.


Children are naturally curious and love to learn. The behavior of wild birds is what makes them so fascinating to watch.

Binoculars are a favorite with Sam…especially when we are on our deck watching the Vultures.

Encourage the birds to your yard – Make a Bird Feeder

Now that most of the berries and acorns have been eaten, the birds will need your help. Make your own bird feeder by recycling an old plastic bottle or using pinecones.


Watch my video on how to make a Pinecone Bird Feeder

Encourage your children to make a bird journal. Samuel loves to draw, so he is adding bird sketches along with his photographs, to his journal.

Borrow a Bird Guide book from your local library. Here’s a great site to help identify the birds in your backyard: All About Birds

Birds are an Inspiration

Children are born with a sense of curiosity, joy and wonder about the natural world. Climbing trees, picking berries, splashing in puddles, planting seeds, listening to bird song and observing our little feathered friends should be part of every child’s playtime.

A sense of discovery will allow children to appreciate the beauty of nature and the natural treasures it holds, and through discovery, they will gain respect for the wildlife and will ultimately want to help protect it.


Introducing one of my book characters : LUCY THE BIRD KEEPER

Lucy is like a mother to all the little birds of the forest. She treasures each precious moment spent with her feathered friends. That is why she’ll make time to join them, at first light, in the sweet singing of The Dawn Chorus.




Lucy the bird keeper is a Butterfy Girl and comes cocooned in a chrysalis just like real butterfly. The chrysalis was designed to double as the packaging-eliminating the need for wasteful packaging. Purchase Lucy here: LUCY THE BIRD KEEPER

What birds visit your garden? Do you have a favorite?