Spotting birds in our outdoor classroom seems to be somewhat easier for the children when the trees are bare….these starlings covered the entire Walnut Tree after the Blue Jays and Magpies took flight.

The Quails found shelter in the dry leaves under the Hazelnut trees whilst the flickers preferred the Blue Spruce Trees…


And so too, did the Doves…

This is my last week of class before we break for Holidays and return on 21st January 2013. (New Winter 2013 schedule we be available to view from Dec 15th).

After bird spotting we made pinecone bird feeders for the birds who visit our outdoor classroom. We used honey instead of peanut butter but you can use lard or other fats to bind the seed to the cone. Here is a video we made a few years ago on HOT TO MAKE A PINECONE BIRD FEEDER.

The weather was very changeable so we took flight like the birds running around the garden flapping our arms in search for berries, worms and bird feeders!

And we found these fluffy feathered friends hiding in the rose bushes…whilst carefully gathering withered rose hips.

What an absolute thrill to see so many birds in one day…truly magical, sparking imagination and excitement.

What birds did you see today?

Winter can be very hard for birds but we can all do a little to help:


Wishing you all a magical and fun time searching for the birds this winter, love and peace Marghanita x

Remember if you start feeding the birds in your garden/yard-you have to keep feeding them all winter.