Creativity is now as important in education as literacy

“Creativity is now as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson.

I wholeheartedly agree with Ken. I believe all children to be beautiful, highly creative-soulful beings. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves creatively.

And why […]

Educating the Heart through Nature Art

” We are all beautiful, highly creative beings”
Super excited to be launching my  New Online Workshop Program on how to actively engage children with nature through soulful art: visit:

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”- Aristotle

This 12 month course provides solutions for Educators, Parents and Organizations wishing to rediscover […]

SMILE – It’s Friday

Dearest Sheila

I just wanted to tell you that your Facebook posts have been so thought provoking…thank you for sharing. This morning after my simple meditation I started doodling. With my heart full of love and  gratitude for the gift of a new day, I couldn’t help but draw a smile…As I continued to draw, I became the smile. […]

Connecting the Child to Mother Earth’s Heart

Educating the Heart through Nature Art online program: 

This 12 month course provides solutions for Educators, Parents and Organizations wishing to rediscover the joys of teaching and reconnect children with the natural world.

Throughout this program you will find creative activities, inspired play, and thoughtful exercise all designed to connect children to nature and teach them […]

And the Tree Spirit Whispered

There are certain trees that whisper to you – whisper your name - inviting you to join them in communion. It is the spirit of the tree connecting with your spirit – a beautiful energy force.

Climbing high up into the Golden Birches in our back garden was probably my earliest powerful “connection” with nature as a […]

Unstructured Play : Wild and Free In Nature

Unstructured outdoor play is fundamental to childhood
All children need time to experience free play.

To let their imaginations run wild in the natural world.

This beautiful five year old wanted to fly, then all the other children followed suit.

It was their game, their adventure, their flight of fantasy.

Play nourishes every aspect of a child’s development.
Let the […]

Keeping our Children Happy and Healthy

By educating the Heart through Nature Art children grow into compassionate creative thinkers who care not only for themselves and others but for all living things.
Children Learn through Play
There is no more natural, awe-inspiring environment for children to learn and play, than in nature.

All children are beautiful, unique, spirited beings full of love, light and […]

A LAND ART PIECE : The Relationship

Last Friday I was working on a section ” The Relationship” for my new series “Educating the Heart through Nature Art”.

Using LAND ART as my chosen art form for this section,  I began to create a stone family enveloped in love by a colourful pebbled heart.

That night I dreamt a tree was cradling the heart.

When I awoke, to […]

Imagination Makes the World More Beautiful

Clasping my art pen and sketchbook, I head out to feast on the wonders of this awe-inspiring world we are so fortunate to call  home.  Grass-hoppers our first to catch my attention with their captivating love dance. One lands right next to me and I imagine how cool it would be to hop and dance the way they […]

Earth In My Hands

I love to get parents to join us for certain nature art activities. Earth in my hands is one such activity. We begin by collecting our very own pebble or stone.

We then begin to paint the Earth stone using blue to represent the sea, green (and yellow) for land and white for clouds.

As we paint, […]

Educating the Heart

It All Begins with love…

“Educating the Mind without educating the Heart is no education at all.” -Aristotle

By creating conditions that allow children to connect with one another and other living things -will help create positive relationships, fostering compassion and love for one another and the natural world.

In our outdoor classroom we watch in awe as the Dragonflies […]

Soulful Nature based Art Workshop

An Invitation to get creative in the wilds of BC.
I would like to invite you to spend an enchanting evening and a day getting creative in nature with me. Here is a special opportunity for you to nurture your soul, tap into your inner being and unleash the creative wild child within.


The Joy of Oneness

The wonders of life are everywhere and within you - always!

To be in touch with the wonders of life - one must be in the present moment.

Last nights sky was probably one of the most amazing I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

As the colours intensified, so too did the deep spiritual connection with its presence, merging, […]

Trust the light that shines within

The light has always been there, it’s just sometimes, we aren’t tuned into its power.

Nature Cultivates Gratitude
Truly grateful to my beautiful parents for sharing their love and passion for the Natural world with my brothers and I. Those countless magical moments in nature as a child became a solid foundation for my inner happiness, a […]

FREE Illustrated Love Prints Giveaway


The most powerful force on earth is LOVE.
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