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The most powerful force on earth is LOVE.
So thrilled to be sharing the love today with this FREE Illustrated LOVE Gift Pack Giveaway. The lucky winner will receive 6 of my latest Orange Moon Illustrated Love Prints to share the love….. Simply share your favourite love quote or a love comment below to enter the […]

We are here to reflect the beauty of all Life

” We are here to reflect the beauty of all life – the beauty of the trees, the grass, the animals, the birds, the rivers as they flow by. All these may be lost in time. While we are still here, can we not appreciate and love the land, the environment, so that when […]

The most powerful force on earth is LOVE

When our hearts are fully open, love is everywhere!

In everyone and everything…from the cheeky little squirrel…

to the mighty giants - our beloved friends – the elephants..

…In the smile of a flower…

…and in the soft melting moments of a sunset.

The most powerful force on earth is LOVE.

Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy….
“Love is what we are born […]

The Ultimate Sensory Experience

“Children need nature for the healthy development of their senses, and, therefore, for learning and creativity,” – Richard Louv, Author of “Last Child in the Woods” and “The Nature Principle”.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Nature by far, offers the most magical and enchanting array of sensory exploration and learning for a child.

Children have been engaging their senses […]

Playing Outside is Part of Childhood!

Getting children back into nature is a key part of the solution to keeping children healthy and our little planet healthy too!

SUMMER time provides an opportunity to SLOW DOWN, head outdoors and wonder at the beauty of nature.
WILD AND FREE : Playing Outside is part of Childhood!

Getting outdoors and closer to nature has all sorts […]

Elephants Have a Soul Too

My latest Orange Moon Illustration
Ever since my first and only encounter with a baby elephant at London zoo in my early twenties. With the elephant being so small I was able to look straight into his soulful eyes and at that moment I felt a connection.
Elephants have a Soul Too!
Elephants have a Soul Too: Elephants display love openly, they […]

Complete Oneness

With my eyes and heart fully open, I glide slowly through the tranquil waters absorbing in all the beauty that surrounds me.

I become the water.
A liquid form flowing effortlessly into complete oneness.

Oneness with the freshness and purity of the water. Harmonious Bliss.

Water supports us, teaches us, moves us spiritually, quenches us, and awakens us.

I have always loved the […]

Lets Play Outside Dolls

Little Humbugs Dolls encourage Outdoor Imaginative Play…let’s go PLAY OUTSIDE!

In celebration of the Little Humbugs 6th Birthday we are having a HALF PRICE SALE

ALL DOLLS ARE HALF PRICE for this week only.

Each Butterfly Girl Doll comes in a chrysalis just like a real butterfly. We designed the cocoon to be the packaging, providing a warm […]

World Turtle Day

To celebrate World Turtle Day here is a FREE copy of my children’s book: Nika and Painted Turtle EBOOK.

Slow things down this weekend. Why not read Nika and the Painted Turtle outdoors under your favourite tree.
NEW – Nika and the Painted Turtle

HELP SAVE TREES: When printing this book please consider using 100% recycled paper. […]




ART NOURISHES THE HUMAN SOUL. Art and nature together, create a magical way to connect children with Mother Earth and help the child understand their place in the world.

Welcome to my Nature Art Summer Classes. I will be holding classes in Kelowna and Salt Spring Island. Please […]

Soulful ART

Creativity is the Soul in Flow.
My Art is how I communicate with the world. In celebration of Soul Art Day organized by the wonderfully creative Laura Hollick, I would like to share with you my latest creation…

Fuelled by the energy from the moon last night I began my day walking barefoot on our ever-giving Mother Earth and settled amongst […]

Learning From Nature : Painted Turtles


Nature is the Best Teacher.  We sit in our kayaks in awe at the peacefulness of the Painted Turtles basking in the sunshine. They teach us to be silent and still. JUST TO BE.


“This sudden splash into pure wilderness – baptism in Nature’s warm heart – how utterly happy it made us! Nature streaming into us, […]

Your Spirit Feeds Upon Love

The Creative Pulse within Us is God’s Creative Pulse Itself
- Joseph Chilton Pearce

An Invitation to dance in the light…my latest illustration, May 2014

Today is a new day. A miracle gifted to each and everyone of us. Life is sacred and to be celebrated.

“When you get into your soul, the whole world is made of love—trees are […]

Interbeing – (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Interbeing by Thich Nhat Hanh-From one of my most favourite books ” Peace Is Every Step”

If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating on this sheet of paper.

Without a cloud, there will be no rain; without rain, the trees cannot grow; and without trees we cannot make […]

A School Made In Heaven (Part 1)

Client: Worthyland School

Location: Miami, Florida

Project Description: Worthyland School Pre-Launch ECE  Two day workshop

Connecting Children with Nature through ART.

I have just returned from presenting a two day workshop at one of the most magical and enchanting schools I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. At Worthyland, their mission is to cultivate confident, creative and joyful children in […]