Embracing Change

The view I have been looking out onto over the past year has gifted immeasurable joy and so many, magical, truly magical and inspirational moments.   My husband and I call this mountain "the rugged old man"...can you see him? He lies there still and gentle, listening to the whispering of the winds and sweetness [...]

Land Art: Deer

Land Art : Deer Deer have a very special place in my heart. My connection with these graceful and enchanting creatures has deepened with each unique and magical encounter. Creating Land Art is so much fun for all ages. Land Art involves making art and sculptures using materials found in nature. You can use rocks [...]

How Mindfulness Helps Children Thrive

Heart-Mind Conference 2013 What is the Heart-Mind Conference ? It brings together some of the leading minds in child development and contemplative practice - from scientific researchers to practitioners - to address the Dalai Lama's question,:  "How can we educate the hearts of children?" The theme of this year's conference is Mindfulness and its role in [...]

Let us listen with our Hearts

Last night before going to bed I read a very sad story about a child being mistreated but thankfully in the end the child was saved by a woman who showed compassion by helping this child escape from the brutal world she had been living in. I fell asleep weeping. I awoke at 2am this [...]

Gardening: Fostering Compassion in Children

Compassion fosters a feeling of connectedness and peace Gardening is all about Compassion Gardening is a wonderful way to connect children with nature and foster compassion. Gardening is tending to the soil with care and patience. Connected Gardening gets kids touching and feeling the earth (soil). Insects and birds will visit their plants and vegetables. [...]

Connecting Children with Nature Workshops

SPRING April/May/June How to Actively Engage Children with Nature through Art. The first six years of a child's life are really important in their development. Being in nature ia a really dynamic place in which to learn. Contact with nature is  essential  for the developing child. In these 2hr - 4hr workshops we will focus on growing and [...]

Take Your Child Outside…

NEW FOR 2013. TAKE YOUR CHILD OUTSIDE. This is a way of getting parents and grandparents to participate in taking their child outdoors. We provide a small rucksack containing Lucy the Bird Keeper Fairy and and Flint the Dragonfly Boy and a JOURNAL. Each child in the class gets the opportunity to take the rucksack [...]

Play is for all ages!

The snow has arrived and it's time to play! PLAY IS FOR ALL AGES Have you ever played tag on a board in the snow? Or tried Splatter Painting in the snow? Adults love to play too! Have you ever walked barefoot in the snow? Or played with your animal friends in the snow? "Play opens [...]

Do You Believe In Fairies (Fairy Doll Giveaway)

WINTER GIVEAWAY - WIN a Fairy Doll of your choice Now that the first sprinkling of snow has arrived I thought what perfect timing to offer a little fairy doll giveaway. Did you know that fairies love to watch and listen to children playing outdoors, even in Winter. They especially love to hear the children's laughter. The fairies [...]

Celebrating Summer…

Celebrating Summer Solstice ... I could not have wished for a more beautiful and joyful way to celebrate the beginning of summer... Sharing gifts from Mother Earth... Painting Pinecones... After painting the pine cones the children asked if they could paint the art table... Thanks to their delightful creativity, we now have a beautiful art table for [...]

Bringing a Community Together with Nature & Art

Because we believe that “it takes a village to raise a child”, we embrace the concept of sharing and participation in the community: art in the community, for children in the community. Due to popular demand, local children’s author and illustrator, Marghanita Hughes has extended her nature-based art classes this year offering local children the [...]

Why Grow A School Garden?

Growing a garden is a magical way to connect children with nature. When we garden with children they feel connected to the earth and nature I was fortunate to visit several local schools last year to find out why they decided to grow a garden in their school. Watch the video and find out... Each [...]

We Are The Revolution

The Let's Go Outside Revolution Peace in the heart, vitality, awe...some of the things I want my kids to feel...things that nature nurtured in me...a cool breeze on a warm day, the sparkle of fresh dewdrops on early morning grass, the quiet reflection of the setting sun...and a powerful emotion evoked with the smell of [...]

Nature Classes – Celebrating the Circle of Life

Getting ready for my nature art classes is always very exciting. Of course the real magic begins when the children arrive. When children and nature mix, something magical happens. To celebrate the International Year of the Forest, I decided to hold my nature classes in a forest setting this year. Finally got to hang up [...]