What Are We Missing?

For those of you who haven't read this thought provoking story ... In Washington, DC Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007, a man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time approx. 2 thousand people went through the station, most of them on their way to [...]

Spring Night…Honeysuckle Magic

On Monday evening the honeysuckle's sweet smell enticed me to get closer. I was in awe of its scent, its texture, its glow in the late evening light. I lost myself in its beauty. What magic is stirring in your garden?

Spring Means More Playtime Outdoors

Now that Spring has arrived, we spend most of our free time outdoors. UNPLUGGED On Saturday Sam built a mountain bike track with his dad. Test run by foot. Back to track building on Sunday... With big brother... Dusty work... Kids just being kids... Sam was thrilled to have his big brother help him. They [...]

World Wetlands Day 2011

World Wetlands Day - Wetlands and Forests This is the theme for World Wetlands Day 2011, especially chosen because 2011 is the UN International Year of Forests. To celebrate World Wetlands Day - I am giving away FREE copies of Nika And The Painted Turtle Just leave a comment below and I'll send you your [...]

Wishing you Peace and Joy…

My wish for you all comes from a beautiful moment I shared with my eighteen year old son a few weeks ago. I had just completed the illustration above of the deer in the snow with Nika. It had just begun to snow outside too so I offered to give my son a ride to [...]

Let’s Talk…Let’s Give Children Back Their Childhood

Let's give children back their childhood. Children are spending less time outdoors than ever before. "Let's Talk" is a new online talk show asking QUESTIONS, getting ANSWERS so that YOU can take ACTION! We ALL have a part to play in this revolution. Watch the videos: Our first episodes in the series feature Dr Kristina [...]

Buzzing for the Honey Bees

The Day of the Honey Bee I had the pleasure of joining councilor Michele Rule, Casey Hamilton and other members of the Central Okanagan Food Council Booth at the local Farmers Market this weekend. Spot the Queen Bee ... was a big hit thanks to Bob Chisholm and his "Brainy Bees". We were helping to [...]

Let’s Play Yoga Book.

I am thrilled to be working with Italian mother and writer-Claudia Porta on her exciting new book about play and yoga for kids. Let's Play Yoga. Claudia is a mom, a writer and a yogi. She practices yoga with her three kids and they also write a lot of books together. On her blog La [...]

Help celebrate “Day of the Honey Bee”

Honey bees are dying at alarming rates in every country where they are raised. If you love honey, fruit and pretty flowers, then you can thank a bee. A few ways you can help: Plant your garden with bee friendly plants Buy local honey Learn more about this fascinating insect Encourage local authorities to use [...]

Nature Play Every Day

Samuel has spent the last two afternoons at the bottom of the garden..... Digging, patting, scooping & shoveling sandy earth under the shade of a Ponderosa Pine. Squirrels and chipmunks stop in to pay a visit. Ants and other bugs explore his creation. He can hear the bird song and smell the sweet scent of pine [...]

All life on earth, and the earth itself, is sacred.

Help your children to fall in Love with Nature. Inspiring a love for nature will lead to a desire to protect it. Chief Seattle delivered a compelling message to the government in Washington nearly 150 years ago. He believed all life on earth, and life itself, is sacred, and that man's heedless abuse of nature [...]


  I believe, if we instill a love of nature in children, they will want to protect it. First, we need to allow children to fall in love with nature by enjoying, exploring and playing in nature. 5 simple ways a family can grow happy, healthy kids and keep the planet healthy and happy too! Spend [...]

Calling All Outdoor Girls-Let’s Go Outside

As promised here is your chance to add your favorite SUMMER outdoor activity to the Butterfly Girls Summer Activity Booklet. RECEIVE A FREE SUMMER ACTIVITY (Printable) BOOKLET (GIRLS 2010) CALLING ALL OUTDOOR GIRLS -The Butterfly Girls want to know: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SUMMER OUTDOOR ACTIVITY? Dancing with Butterflies, Making fresh Lemonade, Collecting Bugs, Going on [...]

Celebrating the 2010 Winter Olympics

Hope your enjoying watching the Winter Olympics. Now that the Games are in full swing what better time to announce the winners of KATI the Canadian Butterfly Girl. Thanks to all who either commented below or left email messages. All the comments/messages were awesome. It was wonderful to read how much you all love the [...]