Saturday September 12th is INTERNATIONAL NO PLASTIC BAG DAY. The plastic we throw away is inflicting harm upon marine wildlife..... An open-air garbage dump tarnishes the sapphire coast of Barrow, Alaska. Trash that makes its way into the oceans decomposes very slowly, littering coastlines, polluting ground water, and harming marine creatures that mistake the trash [...]

Vultures Return

The Vultures are back. Counted 11 vultures soaring above the Creek last night-a perfect end to Earth Day. As I watched, I felt incredibly fortunate to experience such a spectacular show, Mother Nature at it's best. Sadly, no more Coyote anymore! (I'll fill you in on the Coyote another day). Today I was working on [...]

Less Garbage More Muck!

We were  really pleased putting out the garbage today. Just half a bag of garbage - not bad for a family of five, huge improvement! This is such an easy and effective way to cut down on your garbage. The Earth Machine is made with a minimum 50% post-consumer recycled materials and comes with a [...]

Earth Machine Demand – A Sign of the Times

Crowds queued for hours in Kelowna for their Earth Machine. Change was evident as the crowds grew to purchase their new compost bin "the Earth Machine”. On Saturday morning my husband and I joined the masses to purchase our Earth Machine - backyard composter. From the young and hip to the not so young and [...]

Gardening with the Little humbugs

Just sourced a wonderful local Organic farmer who will supply me with Organic seeds for the Little Humbugs seed collection. Chloe the Gardener is one of my favourite book characters from the Little humbugs. I hope kids will get excited about gardening with Chloe - getting them outside into the yard/garden. If they don't have [...]

A Real Tree for Christmas

We have just returned home after a wonderful Christmas Tree Hunt. Like all our past Christmas's, we wanted to go on a Tree Hunt. Part of a Christmas ritual with us is to hunt down a real tree from a local tree farm. It's really important to us to shop locally and support local farmers [...]

Christmas Day is over

Keeping Christmas simple made it the best one ever. It snowed on Christams Eve and we were woken up by 3 very excited children, to a Winter wonderland. They poured their contents of their handmade stockings on to our bed and we watched as they took turns to show us the treasures they had received [...]

A Greener Christmas

Time is running out for us mums that still have to find those little extras for the kids, something that isn't plastic and made in China. A wooden spinning top or a handmade finger puppet would be ideal. Trying to go a bit greener this Christmas shouldn't be so hard. It does mean you have [...]

All to Quick

Where has the last few weeks gone? Am I the only one who feels every week just gets faster. I really cannot believe it's only a week now until Christmas. It seems life is so much faster than I remember or are we just living much busier lives? The danger in being too busy lies [...]

Yoga and kids

Sadly, my Yoga/Pilates class has just finished for the year and won't start back until January. I'm really going to miss the class, it was the only time throughout the week I was able to switch off and completely chill. What with the festive season approaching, all that extra food and alcohol, I was concerned [...]