Imagination Makes the World More Beautiful

Clasping my art pen and sketchbook, I head out to feast on the wonders of this awe-inspiring world we are so fortunate to call  home.  Grass-hoppers are first to catch my attention with their captivating love dance. One lands right next to me and I imagine .    Why do we not dance every day? I write in my notes [...]

Earth In My Hands

I love to get parents to join us for certain nature art activities. Earth in my hands is one such activity. We begin by collecting our very own pebble or stone. We then begin to paint the Earth stone using blue to represent the sea, green (and yellow) for land and white for clouds. As we [...]

Educating the Heart

It All Begins with love... "Educating the Mind without educating the Heart is no education at all." -Aristotle OUTDOOR CLASSROOM By creating conditions that allow children to connect with one another and other living things -will help create positive relationships, fostering compassion and love for one another and the natural world. In our outdoor classroom we watch in awe [...]

The Joy of Oneness

The wonders of life are everywhere and within you - always! To be in touch with the wonders of life - one must be in the present moment. Last nights sky was probably one of the most amazing I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. As the colours intensified, so too did the deep spiritual connection with its [...]

Trust the light that shines within

The light has always been there, it's just sometimes, we aren't tuned into its power. Nature Cultivates Gratitude Truly grateful to my beautiful parents for sharing their love and passion for the Natural world with my brothers and I. Those countless magical moments in nature as a child became a solid foundation for my inner happiness, [...]

FREE Illustrated Love Prints Giveaway

  The most powerful force on earth is LOVE. So thrilled to be sharing the love today with this FREE Illustrated LOVE Gift Pack Giveaway. The lucky winner will receive 6 of my latest Orange Moon Illustrated Love Prints to share the love..... Simply share your favourite love quote or a love comment below to enter [...]

The most powerful force on earth is Love

  When our hearts are fully open, love is everywhere!     In everyone and everything...from the cheeky little squirrel...     to the mighty giants - our beloved friends - the elephants..     ...In the smile of a flower...     ...and in the soft melting moments of a sunset.       The most powerful force [...]

The Ultimate Sensory Experience

"Children need nature for the healthy development of their senses, and, therefore, for learning and creativity," - Richard Louv, Author of "Last Child in the Woods" and "The Nature Principle". I wholeheartedly agree. Nature by far, offers the most magical and enchanting array of sensory exploration and learning for a child. Children have been engaging [...]

Elephants Have a Soul Too

My latest Orange Moon Illustration Ever since my first and only encounter with a baby elephant at London zoo in my early twenties. With the elephant being so small I was able to look straight into his soulful eyes and at that moment I felt a connection. Elephants have a Soul Too! Elephants have a Soul Too: Elephants display love [...]

Lets Play Outside Dolls

Little Humbugs Dolls encourage Outdoor Imaginative Play...let's go PLAY OUTSIDE! In celebration of the Little Humbugs 6th Birthday we are having a HALF PRICE SALE ALL DOLLS ARE HALF PRICE for this week only. Each Butterfly Girl Doll comes in a chrysalis just like a real butterfly. We designed the cocoon to be the packaging, [...]