Why Outdoor Classrooms?

Outdoor Classrooms enhance learning and fuel imaginations Animal Masks using Earth Paints: Circle of Life class  Hands-on outdoor learning boosts physical activity, mental health, brain power and attention One in five teens aged 16-17 have depression and 135,000 engaged in self-harm last year. Kids as young as 12 report a feeling of responsibility to fix [...]

Land Art: Deer

Land Art : Deer Deer have a very special place in my heart. My connection with these graceful and enchanting creatures has deepened with each unique and magical encounter. Creating Land Art is so much fun for all ages. Land Art involves making art and sculptures using materials found in nature. You can use rocks [...]


What was your most favourite childhood outdoor play activity? Summer is almost upon us and the perfect time for fairy house building and imaginative play outdoors so I'm giving away a Dragonfly Boy and a Butterfly Girl Doll. What was your most favourite childhood outdoor play activity? Simply leave your comment below and I will [...]

Let us listen with our Hearts

Last night before going to bed I read a very sad story about a child being mistreated but thankfully in the end the child was saved by a woman who showed compassion by helping this child escape from the brutal world she had been living in. I fell asleep weeping. I awoke at 2am this [...]

Unconditional Love

Prince our Flatcoat Retriever gifts us endless amounts of love and affection... Pure, unconditional love... Our canine friends can help teach our children many things: Patience, responsibility, compassion, friendship, happiness, joy, peace, a connectedness, playfulness to name but a few. Now that our children are teenagers, they appreciate Prince in different ways, a companion to [...]

Take Your Child Outside…

NEW FOR 2013. TAKE YOUR CHILD OUTSIDE. This is a way of getting parents and grandparents to participate in taking their child outdoors. We provide a small rucksack containing Lucy the Bird Keeper Fairy and and Flint the Dragonfly Boy and a JOURNAL. Each child in the class gets the opportunity to take the rucksack [...]

Creativity is woven into our DNA

This is one of the most exciting times to be alive...CREATIVITY is required in order for us to move forward. The creativity process is magical, enchanting and ancient. Our cave-dwelling ancestors wanted to share their stories with us through their art. Nature and Art are the very essence of who I am. Both Nature and [...]

We Protect What We Love

Would you like a copy of my illustrated poster below? I have 2 signed copies to give away. Just share with me what you love about nature in a comment below. Winners will be notified by email on: Jan 17th 2013. Time in nature opens our hearts and makes us realise we are part of [...]

Fairy Houses for Christmas

Perfect time to build a fairy house for Christmas... All you need is driftwood, twine, ivy and an imagination... Now if you need a fairy....       Fairy shop Let me introduce you to my little Humbug Fairies: Jasmine fairy, Lucy the Bird Keeper fairy, Nika the Gemstone Collector fairy, Chloe the Gardener fairy and Flint, the [...]

We Are All Connected – Nous sommes tous connectés

Richard Louv will be visiting the Okanagan this Saturday to promote education and awareness around the importance of the connection between children and the natural environment. Our goal is to bring the groups who are focused on the natural environment, those who work in the early childhood development field and other sectors of the community [...]

Wonder of A Summers Day

Thrilled to be able to share with you my new mini book of love and wonder. The first in a series of pocket sized ORANGE MOON books measuring 4' x 3.5' (10 pages). Full colour illustration throughout. A beautiful short story capturing the wonder and awe of a summers day through the eyes of a [...]

Teen Keen On Conservation

I am going into my grade 12 year in a few days. One of my main goals this year is to promote CONSERVATION: to raise awareness of the beauty of Nature, and the need to protect it. I love our beautiful planet Earth. I have a passion for discovery, an adventurous spirit, and a desire to [...]