Splatter Painting In Nature

Connecting children with nature through art CREATIVITY flourishes in nature... "When children explore and get messy, and reflect on what they learned and what is true for them, they strengthen their critical thinking mind and their capacity to be innovative and imaginative."  - Reggio Emilia SELF- EXPRESSION Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday. May it [...]

Empowerment Pebbles Come to Life…

Empowerment Pebbles We had just finished drawing our deer symbol on our empowerment pebbles when something incredibly magical happened. From behind the bushes appeared a young deer. We all stood mesmerized at the majestic beauty that stood before us. Quietly we put down our pens and crept a little nearer to the deer, keeping as [...]

Outdoor Parties Are More Fun

Setting up.... Felt banner, table made from planks of wood and tires Table decorations: handmade rocking bird place cards, china crockery, jam jars filled with freshly picked roses and other garden flowers The table doubles up as the craft table.... Petal Crowns, Tree necklaces And Empowerment Pebbles Salmon, bears and butterflies Lets play... Hunting for [...]

Sharing the Love – Love Hearts

This year it is all about going back to the garden...back to the garden of love. Orange Moon Love Creations - Watch the video I sat amongst the trees and spoke silently with my heart, and the whole garden spoke back in a million unspeakable ways. Inspired by all the love in the garden, I [...]


"Night Magic" - Orange Moon gazes up at the moon and wonders at the brilliance of it’s light. The inspirational power of the Moon has influenced human lives since the dawn of time. For me, the moon, like the sun and all of Mother Nature’s gifts are to be celebrated. The illustration above was inspired [...]

Felt Hearts & Driftwood Snakes

Felt Hearts & Driftwood Snakes Our winter evenings of late have been spent creating gifts for loved ones. Homemade Christmas gifts are my favourite kind of gift and I get so much pleasure from making them. I am an avid driftwood collector. In-fact, I may be classed as a compulsive collector of driftwood, leaves, cones [...]

Creativity – Learning Outdoors

"Creativity," says Ken Robinson, "is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status." Creativity involves putting your imagination to work. Being Creative In  Nature - Trees and Leaves The class collect foliage and fallen leaves to create paintings and collages. Creativity flourishes in a natural environment. During the [...]

Connecting with nature – stone art

In Monday's class we were making Empowerment Pebbles and Inukshuk - native activities from a wonderful book called Rediscovery by  Thom Henley. Here is a link to my post on empowerment pebbles. Each child made 7 pebbles, one for each day of the week, Salmon for sharing, Deer for peacefulness, Wolf for Unique/Special person, Spider [...]

Soup, Bugs and Journals in the Forest

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. - Einstein Imagination stirs in nature... Finnegan led the children with his wild and wonderful imagination, creating home made soup. The giant tractor tire became [...]

Nature Classes – Celebrating the Circle of Life

Getting ready for my nature art classes is always very exciting. Of course the real magic begins when the children arrive. When children and nature mix, something magical happens. To celebrate the International Year of the Forest, I decided to hold my nature classes in a forest setting this year. Finally got to hang up [...]

Let’s Go Outside…Let’s Go Biking

Summer is finally here! Time to get on your bike. We all love biking. My husband and I toured Europe on bikes when we first met. Once the children arrived  we literally strapped them to our bikes the minute they could sit up. Now that our children are teenagers we get to go on more [...]

Help Me Name the New Butterfly Girl Fairy

A new addition to the Little Humbugs All Natural Body Care Collection. Living in the Okanagan, we are surrounded by the most beautiful orchards and vineyards. Taking inspiration from the local vineyards, I have decided to add an Orchard and Vineyard Collection to the Little Humbugs. The Butterfly Girl above will be fronting the new [...]

What Is More Important?

It's the second week of our Spring Break. Even though the kids are on holiday, like so many mums, I still have to juggle work - illustrations to be completed, orders to be dispatched, a laundry pile to be tackled, emails to be sent and phone calls to be made. As I sat in front [...]

Art Attack In The Garden

We move to our new house this week and while clearing out his room, Samuel found a blank canvas. "Oh mum, can I do a splat painting for my new bedroom?" "Of course you can Samuel" I said and gladly handed him my basket of paints. He headed out to the back garden and lay [...]

A New Year, A New Home, A New Chapter in my Life…

We are supposedly moving to our new home in less than a week and I haven't started packing yet. I've been kind of busy... ... appreciating the miracles of life and honouring the creativity within me. Mother Nature's secrets and treasures are everywhere - you just have to open your eyes! Revisiting The Enchanted Garden- [...]