Teenagers Love to Play Outdoors Too

I love this photograph of my teenagers. Sam and Jasmine are the best of buddies outdoors. They thrive on each others energy. Jasmine will give Samuel a horseback ride anywhere and everywhere. Sam will show Jasmine the best route to the waterfall or the best place to spot the deer. Their playfulness and laughter are contagious. When [...]

We Are The Revolution

The Let's Go Outside Revolution Peace in the heart, vitality, awe...some of the things I want my kids to feel...things that nature nurtured in me...a cool breeze on a warm day, the sparkle of fresh dewdrops on early morning grass, the quiet reflection of the setting sun...and a powerful emotion evoked with the smell of [...]

Biking Is Good For You, Your Kids & The Planet

My book characters the Little Humbugs are eco warriors and love to fly and walk everywhere. From a distance they love to watch the HUMAN children walk and bike too. I try to walk or bike whenever I can. Lately I have been doing a lot more biking. I've even started delivering my environmentally friendly [...]

Backyard Bird Watching-White Breasted Nuthatch

The Ponderosa Pines in the back garden are literally crawling with White Breasted Nuthatchers. They creep up and down the tree trunk like little mice. Each season brings new visitors to the garden. These adorable little visitors are extremely acrobatic, pausing occasionally to hang and hammer at a crack. They get their common name from [...]

In search of a waterfall with my teenagers

Getting teenagers outdoors and connecting with nature.... UNPLUG and go on an adventure. Teenagers love adventures especially if they are challenging....and I'm more than happy to lead by example. Hey guys wait for mum!! David Montana and Jasmine were in their element. They loved every minute of the challenging rock climb to reach the waterfall. [...]

Let’s Play Yoga Book.

I am thrilled to be working with Italian mother and writer-Claudia Porta on her exciting new book about play and yoga for kids. Let's Play Yoga. Claudia is a mom, a writer and a yogi. She practices yoga with her three kids and they also write a lot of books together. On her blog La [...]