marghanita kayak

With my eyes and heart fully open, I glide slowly through the tranquil waters absorbing in all the beauty that surrounds me.


I become the water.

A liquid form flowing effortlessly into complete oneness.


Oneness with the freshness and purity of the water. Harmonious Bliss.

marg 2

Water supports us, teaches us, moves us spiritually, quenches us, and awakens us.

I have always loved the sea and swimming in the lakes but always kept near to the waters edge. (I had a near drowning experience as a child – a school friend held me under the water to help save herself from drowning). My time kayaking on St.Marys Lake on Salt Spring Island helped me face my fear of deep water.

Every time we face a fear we grow stronger. We realise we can grow from these experiences in ways we never thought possible. Kayaking has gifted me not only immense joy and peace but an eagerness to spend more time on and in water.

I now have a much deeper connection with and respect for this amazing life source.


A big thanks to Randy at Green Acres for the use of his kayaks during our magical on St. Marys Lake.