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Given a choice, children generally prefer to be outside in the fresh air, free to roll on the grass, climb the trees and rocks and chase butterflies amongst the flowers. When children spend time outside where they can be free to play, create, climb, sing and dance, they are happier and healthier.


Children thrive outdoors


To Learn, To Wonder

The natural world is a place of WONDER. A place where a child’s heart and spirit can sing and dance in harmony with Mother Earth’s heart.


Contact with nature is essential for the developing child

Here is a young child exploring and discovering the wonder of nature.

Nature is our children’s future

“When children explore and get messy, and reflect on what they have learned and what is true for them, they strengthen their critical thinking mind and their capacity to be innovative and imaginative.” – Reggio Emilia

Nature is everywhere, even in the most paved-over spaces


Listen to Dr Peter Gray on the decline of play and the rise in mental disorders:

Children love to play and learn OUTDOORS


Let us listen to the children…

Let us work together to help create more green spaces and opportunities for all children to play and learn in nature.



Wishing you all a beautiful and playful weekend in nature, love and peace Marghanita x

Remember play isn’t just for the children, we adults need to play too!

play with me

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