main miko illustration copy

My latest illustration for my new book “Garden of Love” – sowing seeds of love and wisdom. A book about remembering who and what we are.

Orange Moon’s little brother was sad that she was setting out on her journey without him. 

“It is okay to be sad little brother,” whispered Orange Moon as she wrapped her ams gently around him. A warm glow swelled up inside her as she wiped his tears from his beautiful face. Smiling from her heart, she spoke softly. “Think of all the magical times we’ll have on my return. Remember the fun we had climbing the apple trees last Autumn. I will return before the first frost crisps the ground and we can harvest the apples together.”

Crying is part of what makes us human.

I am an incredibly emotional and sensitive being. I cry a lot. Feeling vulnerable and crying allows me to let go. I find it quenching. And when I see others crying, it intensifies our connection with each other.

There is beauty in crying. 

To walk, dance and celebrate a life of beauty, we must first be able to see the beauty in all life – Orange Moon helps us to see and experience the beauty in everything through sharing her journey.


Would you like to share your wisdom with Orange Moon?

Here’s How: Garden of Love Book

A beautiful illustrated paperback book full of life lessons that will enable us all to enrich our lives – a journey of remembering who we are.