There is something very magical about waking up with Mother Nature.

I woke at 5am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and went outside barefoot. I sat underneath my “Love Tree” a magnificent Ponderosa Pine. It is where I love to read and meditate. It is home to so many wonderful creatures, insects and birds.  I lay against it’s rustic rich reddy-brown bark and started to read.


The sun finally appeared through the thick grey clouds and the sunbeams kissed my face.

Looking up from the book I noticed the dandelions had opened their beautiful golden heads to the sun and how magical the seeded dandelions looked. I stood up and walked passed the Honeysuckle, its sweet scent was fading as the sun warmed the air. I bent down to blow a seeded head.  I watched in awe as the seeded fairies floated in slow motion, drifting across the lawn, over the wall, and disappearing out of sight, hoping some child might catch one and make a wish.


Magic had captured me and I fell to the ground. I lay amongst the dandelions. Mezmorized  by all the beauty around me, I smiled and letting go of all my thoughts, my body began to melt into the ground. I was in bliss and my spirit danced with the dandelions. I shared my love with the dandelions and they loved me back. We were one.  My heart was full.


After a while, I slowly sat up. The garden was fully awake now. Many birds had arrived and were singing in sweet harmony together. Nuthatchers pecked at the Ponderosa bark with such determination. Bees and wasps buzzed around the Honeysuckle and a male robin chased the female, eager to mate with with her. I could hear doves coo in the distance. Man too, had woken up and the noise of the power tools was my cue to head indoors to wake up my family. My heart was so full of love. I couldn’t wait to throw my arms around them and let them know how much they are loved.

Having that time alone, to be with myself, allows me to appreciate and love everyone and everything around me. In today’s fast driven society, people, especially parents find it difficult to allow themselves time to be quiet, to be still, to be with themselves and we are made to feel guilty for taking this time. Please don’t feel guilty, it is about honoring yourself and connecting with yourself. Taking care of yourself is one of the first steps on the journey of discovering your truth and accessing your creativity. When you honour and nurture yourself you can hear your inner voice much more clearly.

I invite you to take the time  to walk barefoot amongst the dandelions. Wishing you all a beautiful week, love Marghanita

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