Climbing up into the welcoming arms of the Silver Birch in our back garden was probably my earliest powerful “connection” with nature as a child. That deep love and connection with trees has never left me, in fact it has grown deeper and more powerful over the years.

I love feeling the tree move as the wind whistles through the leaves and you become part of the tree.

The adventures and joy my family have been gifted from time in and around these magnificent soulful beings is immeasurable. WATCH THE VIDEO

Children love to climb trees – it is part of childhood

“Trees offer children climbing challenges that commercial play equipment may not.  Research indicates that children actually prefer play that involves natural materials and these encourage more involved and sustained play” – Jenny at “Let the Children Play” Here is a link to Jenny’s wonderful post Let them climb trees

Tree climbing is a wonderful experience for a child. When first learning to climb a tree, it is important that it is done in a safe and supervised manner… HAPPY TREE CLIMBING!!!!!

Do you let your children climb trees?