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Do You Let Your Child Climb Trees?

Climbing high up into the magnificent Silver Birches in our back garden was probably my earliest powerful “connection” with nature as a child. That deep love and connection with trees has never left me, in fact it has grown deeper and more powerful over the years.

I love feeling the tree move as the wind whistles through the leaves and you become part of the tree.

The adventures and joy my family have been gifted from time in and around these magnificent species is immeasurable. WATCH THE VIDEO

Kids love to climb trees

“Trees offer children climbing challenges that commercial play equipment may not.  Research indicates that children actually prefer play that involves natural materials and these encourage more involved and sustained play” – Jenny at “Let the Children Play” Here is a link to Jenny’s wonderful post Let them climb trees
Tree climbing is a wonderful experience for a child. When first learning to climb a tree, it is important that it is done in a safe and supervised manner… HAPPY TREE CLIMBING!!!!!

Do you let your children climb trees?




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  1. What beautiful photos – I too believe that children should have opportunities to climb trees. I did a post on htis a fewe weeks back & it got loads of reposts so I’d say this one will too. Thanks for sharing such wonderful images, Kierna

  2. Nice post — and what lovely photos! No surprise to you, I’m sure, that we’re of one accord about the wonder of trees.

  3. What a lovely post! And beautiful photos!
    My childhood was half spent up in the trees too.
    I’m almost 25 now, and sometimes I have cravings – a strong desire to climb a tree! :D
    When my husband asks me where I would like to spend the vacation, I say “somewhere where I can climb the trees!”

  4. Oh Ramona Thank you, I too have to be where the trees are. When I walk into the forest, I feel I have returned home. Wishing you many happy tree climbing days to come…loe and peace, Marghanita xx

  5. Dearest Jeff, I cannot express and love and respect for trees and I know you feel exactly the same way my beautiful kindred spirit. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Love Marghanita x

  6. Thank you Kierna, the subjects are of such grace and beauty one can hardly fail to take a good photograph…Indeed, ALL children should at least be given the opportunity to climb a tree and experience the awe and wonder, the excitement and adventure they gift us. Here’s to getting more kids ( and us adults) climbing trees!!!

  7. yes we do …we climb to the sky,we climb to the cherries and the apple….we climb to the sun and a little freedom….greetings from the alps in tyrol*

  8. Not just children, but adults who may have forgotten the joy and freedom of tree climbing, should climb. Your pictures are beautiful. Think I’ll climb a tree today. Anyone want to join me?

  9. Gorgeous images as always Marghanita. And yes, absolutely – although I do admit to closing my eyes when they are doing it!

  10. Amazing pictures. We’re (I’m speaking for the Eden Team) too old to be climbing trees, but we’re in our tree planting prime! Last year we were able to plant just north of 18,000,000 trees!

  11. WOW!! Thats wonderful….18,000,000 trees! Thank you so much for all that you do….this makes my heart sing, lvoe and peace, Marghanita xx

  12. Oh Jenny, you make me laugh, some of the heights they can climb….can make me nervous!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderfully inspiring post Jenny, love and peace, Marghnaita xx

  13. Would love to join you on a climb!!!!! Happy climbing! xx

  14. Oh Orisha, indeed, climbing to freedom….love it, thank you. Wishing you many, many happy climbs in your beautiful country. love and peace, Marghanita x

  15. Oh, Marghanita! I love the look of your site — it’s everything you are. Artistic, beautiful, whimsical, and lovely – and it does a good job getting its point across. Thank you for all that you do! I’m so happy you are getting out into the world to play with a new generation of children! xoxo Shell

  16. When we climb the tree of life from branch to branch and firmly touch that which is alive, we never truly come down, where we honestly take in these new heights of experience and perception and offer them to the rest of Nature through our actions and projections that one gifts to the world in an ongoing basis.

    I love the views you gift the world Marghanita. Your branches are sturdy and easy for all to climb and enjoy.

  17. I really really believe children should beable to climb trees i did whne i was little it was fun.It taugh me about taking risks how far to go.It also taught me about myself and what my body is capable of it fun and healthy. Why are schools not allowing children to climb trees. Now children aren’t even allow to roll down a hill. this is teaching them about force gravity while they are having fun.

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