Connecting the Child to Mother Earth’s Heart

Educating the Heart through Nature Art is a 12-month journey that walks educators through a series of exercises and activities designed to open the mind and heart, and draw on the many benefits of creative play in nature.

Nature nurtures the soul, mind and heart, but so many of today’s children rarely play outside and explore nature, and this is damaging to their long term health and well being.

These art activities engage children with nature in a way that develops a quest for knowledge, a foundation of respect and gratitude, and an appreciation for all life.




What the course looks like:

Chapter One: A Journey of Rediscovery – Nature is the Best Teacher

An introduction to the concepts behind the classes of the program.

Chapter Two: Rediscovering our connection

Instructors and students are introduced exercises to expand the creative mind by letting go of creative restrictions and embedded thought patterns.

Chapter Three: Sensing Nature – Connecting to Nature through the Senses.

Exploring all the senses through the four earth elements and connecting through sensory play.

Chapter Four: The Whole Child, Play,

Exploring the interconnectedness of all things. Nurturing the connection between body, mind and spirit by engaging wonder, mindfulness and free, unstructured play.

Chapter Five: Creative Spaces -Outdoor Classroom, Hearth & Homes

The natural environment becomes a personal space. Children relax in and feel a sense of responsibility for the space they have created. Child led.

Chapter Six: The Magic of Gardening, Flowers and Land Art

The wonder of planting a seeds and making a garden space. Children gain the confidence to tackle big projects and work collaboratively as each child contributes to the whole.

Chapter Seven: Creativity and Nature in Art:

Finding inspiration in nature. Using natural objects found in nature to create art. Introducing famous artists and their work inspired by nature.

Chapter Eight: Storytelling and Creating Stories

Reading outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by nature offers a great multi-sensory, reading environment. Creating our own stories and understanding concepts through nature stories.

Chapter Nine: Nature Cultivates Gratitude

A celebration of life helps establish an attitude of gratitude. Connecting to Mother Nature’s heart and nurturing respect and a positive and peaceful outlook.

Chapter Ten: Trees

Spending time with trees and exploring who make homes in trees, and discovering all they provide.

Chapter Eleven: Stick Play

The mighty stick and best toy ever! Making creative, colorful dragonflies and snakes, bows and arrows, a world of creative play with sticks of all shapes, types and sizes.

Chapter Twelve: A Basket of Nature

Building a nature corner with natural items found in nature. Develops an awareness of the seasons and helps develop a sense of including nature in all areas of life.

Chapter Thirteen: Music, Dance and Yoga

Exploration of sound and movement in nature, through making sound and finding sound in nature. Connecting to yoga poses and exploring music and movement.

  • Over the course of the year, you will create your very own, unique “Educating the Heart” Folder/Book. An ever-evolving book where you add a new chapter every month. Each month you will receive a new chapter in PDF format and a workshop video to watch.  This unique program is based on the highly successful early childhood educators workshop material.


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