Empowerment Pebbles

We had just finished drawing our deer symbol on our empowerment pebbles when something incredibly magical happened. From behind the bushes appeared a young deer. We all stood mesmerized at the majestic beauty that stood before us. Quietly we put down our pens and crept a little nearer to the deer, keeping as quiet as possible, respecting the deer and it’s peacefulness.

It was one of those magical moments that melt your heart and will stay with you forever.

I left the university grounds on a spiritual high. Inspired and excited for all the children and parents who had witnessed our enchanting encounter with the deer. A beautiful reminder from our Mother Earth that she is forever sharing. Forever gifting love and joy, even in the most unlikeliest of places.

Inspired, I wished to create other DEER crafts to share with the children. This weekend I made this adorable little character with mini potatoes.

Deer have a very special place in my heart. My connection with these graceful and enchanting creatures has deepened with each unique and magical encounter.

I had so much fun creating this little character…check out his little flower tail!

I can’t wait to share with my class.

What magical deer encounters have you experienced? Please share…

You can learn how to make the empowerment pebbles and my little Potato Deer and other nature-based art activities in our new program: “Educating the Heart through Nature Art”  www.marghanita.com