DOWNLOAD FREE BOOKLET HERE: Fairy House and Den Building

An Invitation to International Build a Fairy House and Den Week.

WHY : To help raise awareness of the importance of nature play and creativity in a child’s life.

WHERE : Anywhere: your yard, school grounds, at home; Kindergarten; playgroup; community centre; retirement home

WHEN : Build a Fairy House or Den Week June 21st – June 28th 2015

HOW : Hold an event or just make it a family affair, get together with friends or hold a fairy house build at your school, brownies and scouts club, kindergarten etc.

WHO : Anyone and everyone up to the age of 99 years. We would like to encourage everyone to participate in this beautiful experience.

Build a Fairy House & Den Week June 21st – June 28th 2015

Helping to raise awareness of the importance of nature and creativity in a child’s life.


I have created a printable booklet “Build a Fairy House and Den” as part of the ” Educating the Heart with Nature Art” program – with a mission to help raise awareness of the importance of nature and creativity in a child’s life with, a program that provides activities to engage the child with nature.

The longer a child plays the deeper and more meaningful their play becomes. There has never been a more important time for adults to make outdoor play a priority for the children in our lives. It is one of the best things we can do for their health, education and well-being and for our awe-inspiring, ever-giving Mother Earth.

Nature needs us too!

My belief is that we can never be whole, in harmony, balanced, unless every part of us is healthy – body, mind and spirit – if we only educate the mind we are not whole, there is an emptiness that we need to fill.

Nature helps nurture harmony and balance which in turn lead to happiness.

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The exercises we follow in my nature program are designed to engage mind, body and spirit, which in turn helps the child, grow into a whole being.

The spirit needs to be recognized, nourished, encouraged; the imagination needs space and seeds of wonder to nurture, and the body needs fresh air and exercise.

Please join me on this magical journey…you can contact me : info@marghanita.com