A couple of weeks ago we visited one of  the local regional parks we had never been to before.


I love visiting the parks out of season. We try to fit in a family trail or hike most weekends but our soon to be 18year old is not always free (or willing) to come along.


What a joy to have the whole family out on a hike. Doing outdoor activities as a family creates special bonds.

We walk and talk and notice the nature.


My teenagers relax and enjoy the tranquility of the natural surroundings.


They appreciate each other’s company and are able to have lengthy conversations without any distractions from cellphones, computers or ipods.

Teenagers up to age 18 are exposed to nearly 11 hours of media in a typical day, according to a January report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, which several years ago noted high rates of media exposure as a contributing factor to childhood obesity.


Sam tries out some rock hopping


and Jasmine can’t wait to join in the fun.


When my teenagers are out in nature, they relax and revert to being children again, just wanting to have adventures.



I get to be a big kid too! As parents we need to get out there with our children and show how it’s done. Parents have an incredible, powerful ability to influence behavior.

Life is an adventure…GO LIVE IT!!!!


This weekend, unplug the teenagers and go on a family hike……. they’ll love it!!!! Now that the weather is changing just make sure everyone dresses appropriately and pack some snacks and water bottles. Teenagers are always hungry!

My tip: Visit a park or forest you have never been to before- your teenager is more likely to be enthusiastic about a new discovery.