Family Time Outdoors

We try to keep Sundays free for family walks, biking, hiking or just hanging out in the garden. In this world of fast living, it is important to slow down and find time to spend outdoors with your family. These magical moments make children feel more secure and closer, they are vital for family bonding.

Last Sunday is was bitterly cold but the sun was shinning making the outdoors sparkle and inviting.

With our teenagers in tow we decided to visit the beach.


Sam was in need of some sand for a school project on Egypt – hence the decision for a beach walk.



Where there’s a tree-Samuel is sure to climb it!


I’m usually not that far behind!


With Sam’s bucket full of sand we headed further round the beach and to our delight we stumbled upon: The Sibell Maude – Roxby Bird Sanctuary, just a few minutes walk from the park.

For bird watchers this is a dream site. We only saw gulls and waterfowl on Sunday but Tundra Swans can be found here in numbers, often accompanied by Trumpeter Swans.


We took a walk along the boardwalk to investigate the trees and marshes.


This is the last remaining Foreshore Marsh habitat in Central Okanagan.


The information post informed us that breeders here include Sora and Virginia rails, Song Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, Bullock’s Oriole, Yellow Warbler, Western Wood-Pewee and the ubiquitous California Quail. Migration brings number of migrant warblers, vireos, flycatchers and sparrows.


Our teenagers may roll their eyes on occasion at the thought of another trail walk but as soon as they are outside, they laugh, they talk, they enjoy the sense of adventure, the freedom and appreciate the calming effects that nature has over them.


Check out what wildlife will be arriving and surfacing this Spring:

Red Winged Blackbird and American Avocets, Pacific Tree Frogs and Painted Turtles, Water Striders, Nothern Flickers, Gulls and many more…how exciting! I can’t wait to revisit this wonderful wildlife sanctuary. And I’m pretty sure my teenagers will want to come and checkout the turtles and frogs.


These magical moments with our teenagers are so precious.

Note: Some teenagers may prefer to bring a friend along on family walks if they don’t have a brother or sister.

How to get there:

The walkway through this bird sanctuary is accessible at the end of Francis Ave.  To access the sanctuary from downtown Kelowna take Abbott Street south to Francis Ave; turn left onto Francis and park at the end of the road.