Felt Hearts & Driftwood Snakes

Our winter evenings of late have been spent creating gifts for loved ones. Homemade Christmas gifts are my favourite kind of gift and I get so much pleasure from making them.


I am an avid driftwood collector. In-fact, I may be classed as a compulsive collector of driftwood, leaves, cones and willow branches not to mention pebbles, gems and acorns.

Driftwood fascinates me; Worn and smoothed by the wind, sand and sun, and whitened by the wash of the salty sea. Each piece is so individual, gifting unique beauty and hidden stories of their past lives and enchanting journey. There is something wonderfully organic about driftwood.


Driftwood reminds me of walking alone, barefoot along the wild seashore back home in Scotland; at one with nature -gifting me a real sense of peace and freedom.


Driftwood is an ideal wood for children to use. It is light, smooth and easy to paint and comes in a variety of wonderful shapes and forms. Part of the fun is foraging for the driftwood and deciding what to make from each piece.


A few snakes from my 3-5 year olds outdoor class. Their snakes were all wonderfully unique and beautiful just like the children.



You can find out how to make these adorable creations from nature in my new program ” Educating the Heart through Nature Art.  Beginning in January 2015.


Felt Hearts


We used felt made from recycled plastic bottles, fair-trade hand made felt beads from Nepal and wool to hang the heart from a small piece of driftwood.


Wishing you oodles of fun collecting and creating this winter. Love and peace, Marghanita x