Every season gifts it’s own unique magic! Up here in the mountains, it’s a winter wonderland. With each new snow fall we are blessed with a brand new canvas. However, there are days when I long to see the flowers. So I decided to sprinkle a little bit of Spring onto the mountainside…Here is a simple and fun way to have flowers in your garden in winter.

Watch the video: LAND ART: Flowers in the Snow

Land Art involves making art and sculptures using materials found in nature. You can use rocks and stones of all shapes and sizes, leaves and garden foliage, driftwood and sand, shells or pinecones, berries and feathers, the list is endless…


Land Art offers children (and adults) opportunities to learn about nature and appreciate it’s wonders.


Using their imagination and creativity, children will have oodles of of fun creating land art out in the fresh air.


What would you add to the flower garden? Can you guess what I used to create the bee?


Whats so wonderful about creating land art is it can be done literally anywhere using any natural items found in nature.

One of the reason I love Land Art are the changes that take place over time. It’s just wonderful for children to observe these changes in their piece of land art…so many life lessons to be learned through play, exploration, wonder and creativity…oh so much FUN….learning should always be fun!!!

Andy Goldsworthy is one of my favourite land artists.

“Movement, change, light, growth and decay are the lifeblood of nature, the energies that I I try to tap through my work. I need the shock of touch, the resistance of place, materials and weather, the earth as my source. Nature is in a state of change and that change is the key to understanding. I want my art to be sensitive and alert to changes in material, season and weather. Each work grows, stays, decays. Process and decay are implicit. Transience in my work reflects what I find in nature.”- Andy Goldsworthy


If you don’t have snow just head to the beach and create some land art in the sand…or mud!

One cannot be in nature without feeling loved. Love is everywhere. I cannot help but leave love hearts everywhere I go.


Wishing you oodles of fun with your land art creations, love and peace Marghanita x



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