To celebrate National Storytelling Week (UK) 29th Jan – 2nd Feb 2019 we are giving away a Free “Let’s Go Outside with Forest Fairies” – Storytelling Set.





Enter to win the Forest Fairies Storytelling Set by leaving a message below sharing with us what you love about fairies or storytelling.


What is the “Let’s Go Outside with Forest Fairies” – Storytelling Set? We provide a small handmade canvas bag containing Lucy the Bird Keeper Forest Fairy





and Flint the Dragonfly Boy Fairy plus a small blank journal and pencil.





Storytelling with the Forest Fairies
A magical and enchanting way for young children to explore imaginative play outdoors in nature. This simple, fun activity encourages storytelling both orally and through simple pencil drawings.



Let’s Go Outside with Lucy and Flint 
Each child in the class gets the opportunity to take the forest fairies home for 2 days. They have to look after Flint and Nika and are encouraged to take them outdoors to play (this can be as long or as short a time as they wish): in their own backyard, a local park, a walk around the neighbourhood, a visit to a relative or friend’s backyard, walking home from school etc, etc..



Build a fairy home; play fairy tag; hide and seek; if you have snow maybe the fairies would appreciate an igloo?







After spending time outdoors the child is invited to record his/her adventures with the forest fairies through simple pencil drawings in the blank journal provided. Returning the bag with the dolls and journal to the preschool, library or school the following day. The student is then invited to share orally their adventures with the class or teacher if she/he so wishes.



Good Luck!  Winner will be announced on 25th January 2019





The Let’s Go Outside with Forest Fairies Storytelling Sets are available to preschools, kindergartens, grades 1 and 2 and Libraries or parents/grandparents. You can also purchase the individual fairies here too : SHOP



“I have the whole collection of Humbug Fairy Dolls including Dragon Boy and find this an amazing resource in my nature studies with children. I would highly recommend these dolls to both parents with young children and teachers.” – Nancy O’Neil – Kindergarten Teacher, BC



Remember to leave a message below for your chance to win the Free Storytelling Set. Wishing you all a magical and enchanting week ahead, with love and gratitude Marghanita x