The arrival of snow fills me with excitement – I love this time of year, each season gifting it’s own wonder, beauty and magic! Magic is afoot in our little Humbug forest – the forest Fairies and Dragonfly Boys are super excited to play in the snow…

Jasmine and Lucy go Sledging

Nika, the rock hunter is snuggled up in her chrysalis dreaming about what she can make for her friends…(each butterfly girl fairy comes in her own colour co-ordinated chrysalis, just like a real butterfly. I designed the chrysalis so that there would be no wasteful packaging)

Kati and friends are making Snow Angels …

and Snowmen…

And preparations are being made for storytelling around an open fire…how exciting!

For a chance to win a fairy doll of your choice, simply share what you love about fairies in a comment below.

The winners name will be picked out of a “Little Humbug Fleece Hat” and notified by email, arriving just in time for Christmas.

Wishing you all a magical and enchanting week ahead, with love and gratitude, Marghanita xxx

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“I have the whole collection of Humbug Fairy Dolls including Dragon Boy and find this an amazing resource in my nature studies with children. I would highly recommend these dolls to both parents with young children and teachers. I have also purchased Orange Moon from Marghanita and found this doll of the highest quality well worth the investment into the children futures.”
Nancy O’Neil – Kindergarten Teacher, BC