Fabulous weather on Sunday. Spent the whole day outside, a bit of gardening – finally transplanted Samuel’s sunflowers (from Chloe’s Organic collection)outside. Will plant some more seeds straight into the ground to see how they fare.

RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE!!!!!! Recycling is so much FUN!
The swing we erected almost 5 years ago finally snapped, luckily no one got hurt.

Replacing it was a job for my husband, David. He had his work cut out – you should see the height of our Ponderosa Pines – even I was nervous about David’s climb!
We found the perfect replacement, one of the old tires we had in our garage. What joy comes from recycling!

Recycled Tire made into swing

Swinging on a tire

There is something so rewarding about recycling and gives the kids an understanding of the importance not to waste or throw away something that could be reused. It’s just amazing how many items in your home and garage can be made into something new.

I was just thinking, this will be great material for Flint, the head Dragonfly Boy, my latest book character from the Little Humbugs book series.
The Dragonfly Boys are all about recycling and salvage human trash and recycled it into something useful.

Dragonfly Boy - The Little humbugs - Eco Warroirs -
Sunday evening was just as good – my daughter made the dinner – she’s very talented in the kitchen, especially baking – although not so good for my stomach line! Such a treat to have dinner made for you by your off spring. Evening spent watching the sunset with a BC wine we found at the EPIC sustainable living show – White Bear. Delicious and whats really great they donate 15% of sales to the White Bear Conservation, now that’s really cool!
Oh how I love the Okanagan weather and weekends to enjoy it!


pandorosa pines