Chloe the Gardener is thrilled to have Kristen Crouch visit Chloe’s Gardening Club.

Kristin is the host for Eastlink’s television show That Bloomin’ Garden. Her show is geared towards the new gardener in hope that she can encourage someone to try their hand at gardening and further beautify this earth we love. Kristin is passionate about teaching children how to garden. She recently developed a junior gardener class that she runs twice a year in local schools.
Kristin has a diploma in general horticulture from the University of Guelph. She has worked in the landscape industry for many years and recently retired to devote more time to teaching.

Chloe the Gardener makes sure everyone is a eating a healthy diet by
providing fruit and vegetables for all the Little Humbugs.


Everything is freshly picked from her Organic gardens in the forest.


Chloe asked Kirstin if she could share one of her favorite vegetables with us….


Did you know that inside the seed is all the information needed for it to flower and grow? All we have to do is plant the seed and give it some love by watering it and keeping it warm.

Before you plant seeds you want to decide what you would like to grow.

You can grow flowers or vegetables or both.


Why not start with radishes? They are easy to grow and come in different colors. I like Easter Egg radishes as they are white, pink, purple and red and you never know which kind will grow until you harvest them.



Plan to do your seed sowing outside where it won’t matter if you get dirty. Fill your pot almost to the top with some potting soil. Water the soil until it feels moist to touch. Pat it down a bit to get rid of air spaces.



Carefully remove a few seeds into your hand from the envelope. Plant about six seeds on the top of the soil spacing them an inch apart. The next step is to cover them with a thin layer of soil.




Look who’s visiting Chloe’s Garden during April and May...


You can follow Kristin on Twitter : @deltagardener and visit her blog: That BloominGarden

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