Our wonder, our Imagination, our curiosity is what drives us towards greatness.

fairy house 1

Fairy Houses and Toadstools

fairy houses 1

We begin by making toadstools using walnut shells and used corks


 “Play Is The Work of the Child” Maria Montessori.

Join us for International Build A Fairy House and Den Week – June 21st – June 28th

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fairy 2

Gathering and collecting treasure…

pod collection

Sticks, leaves, petals, berries, shells…


Team work

fairy house2

Playing and creating together and alone…

stick 1

Imaginations soar…

happiness 2

Building and creating Fairy houses allow children to explore and imagine magical and enchanting worlds


“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

– Albert Einstein


I think I may just have to sneak out to visit these adorable Fairy homes and spend a night feasting on berries and dancing under the twinkling starry sky…


fairy-food-2 fairy-food-5

Adding the finishing touches…


fh 5

Concentration……getting it just right for the little fairy visitors

fh 6

“Wonder is the source of true learning and of spirituality, both for the child, and for us” – Penny Brownlee

fh 8

Just like the children, I am full of wonder and believe anything and everything is possible….


Unleash your imagination this week and discover a whole new world…

Love and peace my beautiful friends, Marghanita xxx