Clasping my art pen and sketchbook, I head out to feast on the wonders of this awe-inspiring world we are so fortunate to call  home.  Grass-hoppers are first to catch my attention with their captivating love dance. One lands right next to me and I imagine .

marghanita  cricket-5

Why do we not dance every day? I write in my notes to DANCE EVERY DAY! Imagine if we danced every day, even just for 5 minutes, how much happier and healthier we would all be…. Hawks and vultures soar high above but it is the wild grasses swaying so elegantly that hypnotize me into a dream-like state. I begin to sway in rythym with the grasses, with the wind, in harmony, we are one. Nature reminds me of the playfulness in life – dancing, singing, gentle and honest. The kiss of a butterfly invites me to look up. I gaze in wonder at the vast, ever-changing landscape before me. My sheet of paper still blank.


Then it happens…

ponerosa pines

The sweet smell of the Ponderosa Pines reminds me of a life-size Ponderosa tree spirit sculpture I created a few years ago. I could imagine the tree spirit being incredibly happy, up here in the mountains. The sculpture was so much fun to make and the children loved to wear the tree spirits crown. The crown sparked my imagination

tree crown 1           tree spirit 2

A perfect crown for a little girl with a big dream…


IMAGINATION – Isn’t is powerful! How could we possibly live in a world without Imagination…and yet we give it so little attention at school and in the work place. Children have imaginations that are powerful – it allows them to find their creative selves. “Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson.


 ” Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

The following day, I work on the illustration indoors. I remember the excitement of seeing and feeling the radiant beauty of the full moon last night – and so the little girl closes her eyes.


And she Imagines… …she is on her way to visit the full moon on the back of an elephant she has painted with white daisy  flowers.


She dreams of sowing seeds of love everywhere she goes…


I believe IMAGINATION makes the world more beautiful!

Let us IMAGINE more, Dream more, Dance more, Sing more, Play more…spend more time in nature. Paint more, Laugh more and Dress-up more…let us never forget how powerful our imaginations can be…. May the moonbeams kiss you goodnight- gifting the sweetest of dreams! Love and peace Marghanita x