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Each Friday throughout summer, we run a nature art class from a local Organic farm. The farmer, Jim wood, an ex- Biology teacher and his beautiful wife Lorena love having children visit the working Orchard farm.

farm 18

Checking out the Tadpoles in the little fish pond.

farm 29

Chickens roam free as do the farm dogs and an old pony. Ducks wander in and out of the Farm, happily dipping into the little paddling pool once in a while.

farm 30

Today we were splatter painting onto Canvas but before we began, Lorena was kind enough to let the children hold one of the chicks that was about 3 months old.

farm 21

The children could feel the baby chicken’s heartbeat and it’s small but sharp feet press on their cupped hands.

farm 22

Teaching young people about compassion is one of the most important things we can do for them and for the future of humanity – Dalai Lama

The children held the chick gently, feeling love for this little living creature in their hands.

farm 25

They could smell the chicken’s pungent scent and listened to it’s tiny chirp.

farm 47

After each child was given the opportunity to hold the chick, we started on our splatter paintings.

farm 17

Splatter Painting with Earth Paint – Creativity is in the doing, the exploration, not the final result.

Creativity is all about the engagement, the exploration…the journey of discovery, being in the moment. The child’s moment with the paint or clay or pinecone. A moment to moment, unfolding before them, unique and perfect.

farm 40

What made this day so incredibly special was what happened next.

The farmer was getting ready to leave for a short family trip . The farmers dog could sense the farmer was leaving and when all the cars had left the farm, the dog lay down and looked incredibly sad.

farm 45

The children immediately noticed the change in the dog and asked why. I explained that the dog had sensed the farmer was away and that he would miss him.

farm 39

Without any prompting, the children decided that they would be the farmers and take care of the chickens and the dog while the farmer was away.

In their Element

farm 34

They played with the dog and he seemed much happier.

farm 36

They scooped up water from the small paddling pool full of dirty duck water and splattered it all over the ground for the chickens. The chickens seemed to love this and pecked away. The children were in their element. They took control of the situation and showed compassion and love, respect and honor.

farm 33

Positively Glowing

They were free and wild, running and laughing, skipping and singing.

farm 38

They were caring and sharing and nurturing, learning and growing.

farm 27

Today was spontaneous; free flowing; expressive; wondrous; explorational; spirited; humbling. A day full of love; compassion; joy; creativity, learning and growing together. Today was a Perfect Day.


These beautiful, rich multi-dimensional experiences are vitally important for a child’s mental, physical and emotional growth. ALL children need to be given the opportunity to spend time outdoors actively engaging with nature – it is part of who and what we are.

Thank you to Jim and Lorena Wood for gifting their beautiful farm over the summer. Wishing you all a beautiful and magical weekend in nature, love and peace Marghanita x