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We know from research that contact with nature is essential for the developing child. However, not every child will be returning to a Forest School or Nature Kindergarten.

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We may not be able to take our students out into the forest or down to the lakeshore during class but we can bring nature into the classroom.

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With the birth of Autumn (or Spring depending on where you are living) this is a perfect time for gathering treasure from nature such as fallen branches and leaves, rocks, shells, pebbles and acorns. These can be stored in baskets and tubs for winter use.

Here is one of my favourite nature based art activities that you can infuse into other subjects of your current curriculum:


Curriculum Connections:

  • Visual Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Science: Biology; Environment
  • Social and emotional learning: Love, compassion, mindfulness, honor, and respect

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FOR A LIMITED TIME This beautiful full colour (93 pages) booklet and a how to video is available to purchase for just $9.99


“Marghanita Hughes just radiates goodness and love. She’s one of those very few folks who, even though I’ve never met her face to face, feels like a dear old friend. THis beautiful little book is yet another of the many, many things Marghanita’s doing to promote kids’ (and everyone’s) deep connection with Nature. It is at once a how-to guide for making and playing with whimsical little stick figures; a reflection on the timeless, vital connection between the human animal and all the rest of Nature; and a compendium of pithy quotes from eco-spiritual sages.
All the love, joy and energy of Marghanita’s delightful art-in-Nature programs is distilled in this thoughtful book. ” – Jeffrey Willius – Author “Under the Wild Ginger” 

The fallen branch was once part of the living tree – a story in itself. Now you are giving new life to the fallen branch with the help of a child’s imagination. The child creates their very own stick person (people) and creates a story around their character(s).

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A tree represents the shared roots and branches of every culture and faith. By creating our little stick people we encourage students, educators and families of all backgrounds to unite and interact as they explore our deep-rooted connection with nature through storytelling, and celebrate our different traditions, cultures and faiths. This helps create a greater understanding and respect among all people and nurtures a deep love for the natural world along our united journey.

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“Without our differences we can never know the meaning of understanding” – Simon Lucas Nuu Chah Nulth Elder

Accepting, respecting and appreciating our cultural differences. We can learn this through storytelling and through creative artwork.

The purpose of creating the Stick People is to celebrate our own uniqueness and our collective oneness. We are all equal and beautiful.

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We Protect what we love

These rich, authentic experiences in nature help nurture a love and appreciation for the natural world and all life.

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If you would like to learn more, please visit: http://educatingheartnatureart.com/storytelling-with-nature-art-stick-people/