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KIDS LOVE DIRT…Mud Glorious Mud

A storm the night before had brought lots of rain making the mud thick and gooey.

Chloe and her Butterfly Girl friends Amber and Olivia love when the earth is of a squelchy consistency, just perfect for making mud pies. Sometimes the girls will jump in the squelchy mud, making them laugh so much that their sides ache, then dance in the warm summer rain to wash it all off.

Go on……..have a SPLASH in the MUD!

Just like the Little Humbugs, my kids love getting dirty!!!!


Mud Glorious Mud!


Backyard fun-David Jnr and Samuel 2008

According to this report, playing in dirt can make you smarter: Smarter Kids

Watch the DIRT Movie trailer:

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  1. Marghanita, I am just discovering your illustrations and books. Brava for such beautiful work and the way you share your gifts and love of nature with children.

    We are planning our second “Teaching with Nature” A Conference for Teachers at YMCA Camp Eberhart, in Three Rivers, Michigan, for October 11, 2010.

    I’d love to send you information about taking part in the workshops as a presenter or displaying your books for the more than 100 teachers who will be attending.

    Please contact me or Carolyn Grace at 1-269-244-5125

    Beth Mengel

  2. That looks like so much fun! I’m just about to post about our new dirt patch at preschool – which of course turns into a mud patch when it rains. Nothing beats a good frolick in the mud when you are a child.

  3. Hi Jenny, yes, kids can’t resist splashing in mud-look forward to reading your post. Loving your blog-fabulous!!

  4. Hi Beth
    I would love to attend your “Teaching with Nature” conference in October. I’m not sure of my schedule for that month yet, won’t know until early August. I know it’s very near to a book launch but it is something I would be very interested in. I’m currently putting a proposal together to try and start up a Little Humbugs “Teaching with Nature” Kindergarten school here in the Okanagan for 2011. Please could you send me the information, thank you.

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