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Let’s Go Outside – Make Magic Potions


For all you fairy lovers, wizards and potion makers, here’s more GREEN fun from the Little Humbugs .

Beautiful Smelling Butterfly Girl Petal Potions.


Butterfly Girl fans, Brooklynn and Adrianna made the most beautiful smelling petal potions.


Collecting the petals was so much fun.

The girls crushed a selection of freshly picked petals, dandelions and dried lavender and mixed it all together with their personalized Butterfly Girl magic stick. (Here’s how to make the magic sticks).



JARS, JARS and more JARS! Recycled old Jam Jars are perfect for potion making.



Magic Spell Potions…


Dylan, a big Dragonfly Boy fan, made a Magic Blue Dragon Spell Potion.

Dylan used one single flower, 4 stones, crushed bark, dried lavender and the tiniest drop of natural food coloring. (You could always add beetroot juice or carrot juice as a natural alternative).Mixed all together with one of his little magic Humbug sticks.


You can watch the video on how to make these fun, environmentally friendly potions by subscribing to the Little Humbugs Youtube channel.

Let’s Go Outside…………..and make Potions!

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  1. Oh, these are beautiful.

  2. Thanks Jenny. It is such a fun and simple outdoor activity for kids. Part of the fun of making potions is collecting the ingredients.

  3. What a fun activity! Both of my little guys love mixing things and creating strange brews. Taking it outside makes a lot of sense.

  4. What fun! Beautiful visuals for this creative activity.

  5. How pretty! I can’t wait for Spring (and a garden!) so we can make some of these ourselves!

  6. Love the potions and the magic sticks, sweetness!

  7. Thanks Christie, so much fun for all ages. I had 10 year boy who sat making a dandelion potion for over an hour last week at a Garden show I was attending. Kids really love this simple activity. Have you seen the video for the Magic Potions:

  8. those are pretty what are the ingedints is in like a flower and water?Any way those are pretty.

  9. lol it says it ill try that:]

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