Nature provides the ultimate playground for children.

One of our favorite playgrounds is the lake shore,


where the kids can explore, run wild and find treasure.

Watch the “Let’s Go Outside” video: “Stone Art”

We like to visit the beach out of season, when it’s cooler and less people around. Even on an overcast day, it’s a magical place to explore and discover nature’s treasure.

Just like human children, the Little Humbugs love to search for treasure too… shells, rocks, pebbles and sea glass.



Can you guess what they will make with their pebbles?




Watch “Let’s Go Outside” Collecting Treasure -episode 3 to find out how to make these Hot Rocks! All you need to do is go outside and collect a few stones or pebbles and grab a few wax crayons.


I came across this wonderful craft in a book I borrowed from the library-Summer Crafts by Marjorie Galen. This is a highly addictive craft, I’m not sure who had more fun, me or the kids!

I will be posting a fact sheet for this delightful craft on the Little Humbugs website very soon (parent’s section). By now, I think most people are familiar with the meaning of -Nature Deficit Disorder, a term coined by Richard Louv.  My “Let’s Go Outside” series featuring the Little Humbugs is my small way of helping to encourage  families to have fun outdoors.

What treasure have you found lately?

Please remember to always ask permission before removing anything from the wild.