“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul”– Saint Augustin


I absolutely adore St Augustin’s quote – there is nothing more beautiful for the soul than sharing this love of life with children and adults.

Today my little companions and I escaped the noise and bustle of the city and headed to the seashore.


These playful moments with my little book characters are fun – they inspire stories that I can share with my students and educators. Playing in nature offers me time to be a child again, to let my imagination take me on amazing journeys.

I believe there is an innate need in all of us to be creative and nature has a wonderful way of igniting our imagination; nurturing our creative intelligence.


Time in nature also allows me to be still, quiet and reflective.

Many humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We tend to spend way too much time indoors and worry too much. Time in nature opens our hearts and makes us realise we are part of nature. The more time we spend in the natural world, the more happy, healthier and creative we become.



“Nature itself provides the best university for learning, but our senses must be reawakened first.” – Thom Henley, Rediscovery

We would love you to join us at Educating the Heart – a nature-based program designed for Educators wishing to foster love and compassion, creativity and imagination. Nurturing the unique spirit of each child: NATURE ART PROGRAM

The first two chapters of this course focus on you. Rediscover the child within you and your own creativity. Nurturing your love and passions and creativity. And thus obtain the essential ingredients for teaching from the heart.


Wishing you all a beautiful and peaceful week sprinkled with oodles of laughter, creativity and joy, love and light, Marghanita x