Mindfulness and Compassion

Jasmine, my teenage daughter was excited to show me a shell she had found on a walk with her father along the seashore, earlier in the morning.

It was large, rustic and beautiful.

shell 1

Cupping the shell in my hands, I felt I was holding a masterpiece.  Just as I was admiring it’s textured spiral a small grey crab crawled out of it.

Jasmine quickly scooped the little sea creature back into the shell. Without giving it a second thought she announced we must take it back to the sea immediately.

As much as Jasmine would have loved to have kept the shell, she was adamant that the crab had chosen this particular shell for his home for the present moment and  we had to honor this.

Humbled by my 18yr olds compassion, I hugged her and we made our way down to the sea.

A thin blanket of mist hung low over the enchanting sea and we were captivated by is raw and wild beauty.

Jasmine placed the shell with the crab safely inside, onto a small rock. She smiled, feeling happier now that the crab had been returned to its environment.


Immense joy filled my heart witnessing Jasmine’s happiness.

As we made our way back along the rugged coastline, out of the mist, flew a most wondrous sight – a swan. This large, elegant bird graced us with it’s beauty as it glided past, blowing gentle love waves across the surface of our hearts. The swan disappeared into the mists almost as quickly as it had appeared.

The briefest of moments, yet so magical. A sacred, mystical encounter I will remember forever. On leaving, the damp cool breeze whispered secrets from the invisible waters and I wondered at it all.

Life continues to dazzle me. I am full of gratitude for the abundant joy and stunning beauty we can experience in a day. Through awakened awareness and mindfulness, we can witness infinite miracles in every moment throughout each and every day.

If we practice mindfulness daily,  it offers hope for humanity and hope for our beautiful yet fragile little planet.

Wishing you all a beautiful and enchanting week in nature, love and peace Marghanita x