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Kati is one of my dolls from my little Humbug book series I created many years ago. The humbugs are half human half bug, hence the name and they live deep in the forest. They are the protectors of nature.

Kati the Canadian Butterfly Girl Fairy has flown in to join her fairy friends for Christmas.


When Kati’s not flying around the Canadian forests she can be found down by the lake. She loves kayaking and her favourite lakes are lake Louise and Kalamalka lake. Kati’s best friend’s are twin raccoons, Robby and Rebbecca. They became orphans after a wild forest fire, Kati flew in and saved them.



Kati sleeps in her chrysalis just like a real butterfly.



I designed the pod – chrysalis so that there would be no wasteful packaging. If you would like to purchase Kati and her chrysalis you can order her here just in time for Christmas:







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Wishing you all a beautiful and enchanting weekend, with love and peaec Marghanita x