Yesterday we were filming in the city for my online workshop program : Educating the Heart Through Nature Art  In this episode: Nature Journals, I wished to highlight the fact that nature can be found anywhere and everywhere.

In the heart of the city, outside a little art gallery, a dancing shadow caught my eye. The bare limbs of the tree danced in harmony with the gentle breeze. A welcomed contrast to the noisy traffic and the busy beings going about their business, plugged into technology. I sat next to the tree and made an entry in my nature journal “Tree Shadows make my Spirit Dance.”


We tend to think we need to head out into the forest or find a park to connect with nature yet we can find nature in the most unlikely of places. Just last week, I had a most magical encounter with a bird in a supermarket car park. No trees in sight, only rows upon rows of cars. There beside the trolley rack was one of our feathered friends feasting on scattered crumbs. What a delight to find.

And when he began to sing, my heart began to sing too. I loathe supermarket shopping however this little soul gifted such joy, I managed to walk around the supermarket with a permanent smile….that’s the power of nature.

Nature Is Everywhere.  No matter where you live, there is nature all around you. An abundance of life, full of love and wisdom waiting to be discovered.   You just have to take a moment to look.

finding a spot

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative weekend in nature.

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