I am currently working on the Orange Moon’s Garden of Love website where I will be sharing childhood memories from kindred spirits whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on this magical and enchanting journey we call life. We need to tell our stories to the next generation to help them make sense of their lives. The impression and experiences of childhood are for ever. They mould and shape our life. They are precious!
Here is a snapshot of  Andrew Di Genovas childhood and why he thinks nature and art are important for children:
Nature was a mystery. Deep woods. Undiscovered places only we kids could find. We celebrated nature by building things with it. We built a tree fort that became the secret neighborhood meeting place for just us kids. Some kids could hang upside down on the limbs. Our tree fort was just a couple of planks nailed between split trunks, but to us? It was a castle. Our fort. We dressed as superman with moms cut up old bedsheets. We jumped from our fort and for a second it felt like we flew.
The opening in the field was our baseball stadium. Sometimes we went so deep in the woods we thought we would emerge out the other side in a different country, time, and place. Nature was the stage for our imagination. We ran tin cans with wires between trees to tell each other our secret dreams.
But the best of all was winter in nature. We built igloos and snow forts. I even built a roof and windows in mine and then invited two friend for a sit down indian powwow after it was done. We accidentally made a skylight when Richie stood up. He was too tall. But the extra sun through the snow fort was welcome in the cold. Funny, it was cold outside but it never seemed cold in our little snow forts.

We all loved nature, us kids. We played outside every single day. And somehow nature knew and supported our secret dreams and imagination. It knew. Nature knew what it meant to us. It meant everything.

Thank you so much Andrew for sharing this beautiful insight into your magical childhood. I absolutely love how you knew that nature knew how you felt….this is so powerful, you are a gift, love you, Marghanita x