Recycling couldn’t be more rewarding.

My son made this bird feeder using an old plastic water bottle several weeks ago and although our yard has a huge amount of birds flying in and out not one had taken interest until this morning.

Plastic water bottle bird feeder

Cassins Finch

Plastic water bottle recycled into bird feeder

What a thrill it was for Sam to see a bird enjoying the fruits of his labor. Unfortunately a lot of plastic bottles never get recycled. This plastic bottle has been saved from the landfill and been put to good use.

We think it’s a Cassin’s Finch. Not a 100% sure though!
It was thanks to Danielle Brigida from NWF and Anne Keisman at Green Hour a program of the National Wildlife Federation. You guys are doing an amazing job at the NWF.

It’s so much fun, we’re off to make the Humming Bird feeder.