Orange Moon Doll is based on Marghanita’s latest children’s book character. A child of nature-a connection to what we value and need in our complex world.

These beautiful hand-crafted dolls are made with oodles of tender loving care. When you order your Orange Moon Doll you will have to wait up to 6 weeks for your doll to be made. So please remember to factor in this time when you are purchasing the doll.

The natural fibers used in the creation of Orange Moon take on the comfortable warmth of a child- something which does not happen with a mass produced plastic doll. Orange Moons face reflects a simplicity and calmness – leaving her emotions open to imagination.

“The creation of any Waldorf Inspired Doll starts with a vision… Orange Moon was presented to me in the summer of 2013 as a series of pictures from Marghanita Hughes. Orange Moon spoke to my heart as a child of nature-a connection to what we value and need in our complex world. All of my dolls start with the best quality natural fiber materials. Each doll, though made using the same process is totally unique, as in handwork there is no exact duplication. Orange Moon starts off as raw material- quality 100% cotton doll skin imported from Holland, sewn with 100% cotton thread, stuffed with clean carded sheeps wool, sourced from a Canadian woolen mill and Merino, cashmere, nylon blend yarn- hand dyed in Canada, for her hair. Orange Moon is clothed in high quality cotton velour. ”. – Heidi

Hand made with love. All Natural Made in BC, Canada