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Toffee and her farmyard friends pack their magnifying glass, butterfly nets and catching jars. They’re off on a BUG HUNT!! What lies at the end of the mysterious silvery trail? What will they do once they have freed their weird and wonderful collection. Toffee has an idea…


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As featured on CBBC, they kindly set up an indoor bug hunt scene to read the book : Toffee’s Bug Hunt (Picture book) – Watch the video below. This can be replicated in preschools and kindergartens. I try to encourage outdoor reading as much as possible. Storytelling Outdoors: Reading outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by nature offers a great multi-sensory reading environment. This delightful picture book inspires children to go on their very own bug hunt. It also reminds the children that we must be mindful and respectful of the insects and bugs that we find. In my workshops we create our very own bugs using modeling clay and items found in nature. We begin our class with a reading from the Bug Hunt story. We then design and create our very own bugs. We beging with simple sketches of how our bug may look, what it eats, where it lives. Then we will create our bug using clay and natural items found in nature. We will then create a minature story booklet all about our bug. HAPPY BUG HUNTING!


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