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Every Child is An Artist

All children are artists and need to be given the opportunities to express themselves creatively. We all do, not just our children. Each and everyone of us is an artist.


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Slow Things Down

Take time to slow things down and get creative with your children or family and friends over the holiday season.



Making Time to Create

These adorable Gnomes are so simple and fun to make and gift hours of imaginative play and storytelling.




Wrap up warm and take a walk in the woods to collect your fallen branches. Let the children choose their own branches. Collect thinner smaller sticks for arms.


knomes 6


Cut the branch at a slant to create a smooth surface for a face. Using paint, create a face. Some children may opt to not add a face. Never force anything – the creative process is the child’s and only the child’s.


knomes 3



And if the child is old enough, let the child saw the wood too or at least let them try. Drill a hole on either side of your gnome body for the arms.


knomes 4



Add a beard if desired…




The hats are made with felt, blanket stitched and we added a felt bead as a pom-pom!


knomes 9

Have fun with loved ones creating your wooden gnomes this holiday season….love and peace Marghanita xx