Creativity is the Soul in Flow.


Fuelled by the energy from the moon last night I began my day walking barefoot on our ever-giving Mother Earth and settled amongst the dandelions…Nature’s Beauty Cultivates Creativity…a seed of an idea began to unfold as I lost myself in all the beauty and abundant love surrounding me..


I allow for my pencil to flow as it will…swirling – leading me into a magical dance of love and gentleness…


Your Spirit Feeds Upon Love

The Creative Pulse within Us is God’s Creative Pulse Itself – Joseph Chilton Pearce


Joy fills my heart as I become one with the birds and the trees and the dandelions…


The whole world is made of love

The day unfolds into a warm blanket of love and I finish my illustration with a full and happy heart.

We Are All Seeds of Love

We all begin as a seed – A seed of Love….

Marghanita Hughes - soulful nature art

The light fades behind the darkening clouds. A sense of wonder floats over me as I gaze silently into the ever-changing canvas in front of me…


..what will tomorrow gift…I wonder at all the possibilities…

isn’t life beautiful!

Wishing you all a most magical and enchanting week ahead full of love and creativity, love and peace Marghanita xx