“Teaching young people about compassion is one of the most important things we can do for them and for the future of humanity “– Dalai Lama

In our outdoor classroom today (held on a local Organic orchard farm), we got to hold 4 day old chicks. These magical moments are moments of communion, moments of affection and foster a deep love and appreciation for all life.


I have been running outdoor classes from this beautiful farm location for 3 years now. Each new year gifts new adventures and discoveries.

Today we were planting up Tomato plants and learning about our amazing little pollinators through creative nature play 


We began with painting our flower pots using Earth Paints.



Then Lorena showed the children how to plant their little seedling deep into the organic soil.


This will help the plant grow deep roots.


Children learn first hand where their food comes from. How they can grow food from seed and with a little tender care and nurturing they will be able to harvest their crop in a few months time.

Each child is very excited to have their very own tomato plant.

tom plant 2

We discuss who will visit our tomato plants as we walk through the orchard. The tire swing that hangs amongst the apple trees is very popular with all the children.



After a healthy snack we return to the art table and make our copper wired bee and butterfly puppets.


The ducks wander by as the children begin to cut out their butterflies.


“The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”– Carl Jung



We protect what we love


These beautiful, rich experiences are vitally important for a child’s mental, physical and emotional growth. ALL children need to be given the opportunity to spend time outdoors actively engaging with nature – it is part of who and what we are.



A child’s spirit is so ALIVE when immersed in nature


The sheer excitement on their faces as they make their butterflies flutter is beyond words…


Contact with nature is essential for the developing child

Let us work together to help create more green spaces and opportunities for all children to play and learn in nature. I appreciate not every child can attend an outdoor school or nature playgroup, however, we can create opportunities for the children in our lives to experience all of the above activities:

1. Create a small space to grow flowers, vegetable and herbs in pots. You can create a beautiful potted garden in the tiniest of spaces.

2. Let the children choose which plants, vegetables and herbs they would like to grow. Sunflowers are another easy plant to grow. Every child should grow at least one sunflower.

3. Instead of doing the art activities (butterfly and bee puppets) indoors, set up the art materials outdoors.

4. Ask a local farmer or retired gardener to visit your preschool or kindergarten/elementary school.

5. Organize a visit to a local farm

If you would like to learn more about how to make the copper wire butterfly puppets or learn how to create a small green space, please contact me : or visit :

A big thank you to Jim and Lorena for sharing their wonderful organic orchard farm with us all. We love you!

Wishing you all a beautiful and creative week in nature, love and peace Marghanita x