I had the pleasure of meeting Summer at the EPIC show in Vancouver last weekend. What an inspirational young woman. She captivated the audience with her incredible stories of change for sustainability. Her charm and sense of humor brought a strong message to the people of Vancouver. What I admire about Summer is that she doesn’t just talk, she is out there working incredibly hard, speaking out, taking action and making a huge difference in peoples lives. Her story of artist and environmentalist Ann Wizer who set up XSProject Design Challenge – Clean up waste and help fight poverty was both moving and uplifting.

What’s more, Summer is pushing for affordable green with a launch of her Payless Shoe line called Zoe&Zac.

Sustainable footwear by Summer Rayne Oakes

Now that my daughter has turned 14 and already has her heart set on becoming a fashion designer, Summers new book Style, Naturally has been a great insight for us both.
Hope the Teens Turning Green show goes well this weekend. They deserve to know the truth about cosmetics and how harmful some of these products can be to their young growing bodies and who better to enlighten them – than Summer Rayne Oakes.

Wish we could be there.