I love visiting the local Farmers market, what better way to spend your Saturday morning. Chatting with local farmers and getting to taste the best Organic fruits and vegetables in your valley. I believe it is really important for a community to support local farmers and business’s. Buying locally-grown food can bring more money into the community, reduce the costs of food shipment and create a better community atmosphere.

Who I discovered today…

Green City Acres


Meet Curtis Stone owner of Green City Acres…..Pedal Powered Urban Farmer.


Anyone who knows me will know how much I love to get on my bike and I try to use it as an alternative mode of transport whenever I can but this guy is the real deal when it comes to sustainability.

All his farming operations including farm maintenance, transportation of crops, restaurant deliveries, weekly farmers markets, and moving of their 300 lb. rototiller, are all done with their bikes and trailers. Their mission is to foster social and environmental change through the production of local organic food, with minimal use of fossil fuels, and to help, teach, and empower people to start growing their own.

What an inspiration. Check out Curtis’s website: Green City Acres


Now a few months ago one of my friends introduced me to Spelt. He baked me a Banana Bread that was the most delicious one I had ever tasted. It literally melted in my mouth. He kindly shared his special recipe and told me where to find the farmer who mills his very own ORGANIC spelt.

Meet the lovely owners of Quails Farm.


These guys not only grow and mill the Spelt, they also make the most amazing Spelt baguettes



and pizza bases and offer a huge selection of mouth watering organic vegetables.


Heirloom carrots from Quails Farm

Spelt is a species of wheat that has been grown since 5000 BC. A fact I found absolutely fascinating. Since discovering Spelt, I’ve been baking everything with it, I’m totally converted. Here’s a link to learn a bit more about Spelt.

Anna Yarosky Pottery


I cannot go past a pottery stand without thinking of my father. He would sneak us into his art classroom to play on the Potter’s wheel on a Saturday morning. Being head of the art department he would tell the janitor he was working on assignments while my brothers and I tossed the clay.

It was these mini pots that caught my eye-don’t you think they would make most adorable little set for my Little Humbug dolls.


Sunflower Magic…



Just as I was leaving I spotted these enormous sunflowers. Who couldn’t resist such beauties. I thought they would make the most fabulous prop for my book character Chloe the Gardener. Talking of Chloe the Gardener…………

Getting Kids to eat ORGANIC

I watched a video recently which got me thinking about the importance of eating Organic but how costly organic can be for some families.

Please take a moment to watch this short video concerning a cancer epidemic surrounding conventional agriculture in France…

Nos enfants nous accuserons

After watching this, I felt compelled to work on ways on how we can make ORGANIC fruits and vegetables affordable for everyone. There has to be solutions. One way is to get kids excited about gardening.  I believe one way I can help, is with my book character Chloe the Gardener, encouraging kids to eat ORGANIC. Here’s a few links:

Grow your first vegetable garden with Chloe the Gardener

Discover the magic of gardening with kids

Natural Play Structures

Are your kids growing their own vegetables? Here’s  Chloe’s gardening certificate for kids to download…


Happy Gardening Everyone!