Let’s make 2016 less stressful and more joyful Here is a little inspiration for the New Year – my way of saying thank you for helping to raise awareness of the importance of nature and creativity in a child’s life: FREE CALENDAR 2016 : Download here:   Nature helps nurture harmony and balance which in turn [...]

Each step makes a flower bloom

Kiss the Earth with your feet I love to walk barefoot. With the birth of Spring my feet are eager to kiss the earth once more. Every step makes a flower bloom We can visit the garden of peace at any given time, for Peace is within. Peace Is Within “Peace Is Within” Orange Moon; [...]

Outdoor Spaces and Classrooms

OUTDOOR SPACES & CLASSROOMS When children and nature mix, something magical happens. I am fortunate to witness that magic every day in our outdoor classrooms. I believe the outdoor classroom, forest schools and outdoor playgroups are one of the ways forward in addressing our current “nature deficit disorder” crises. Natural outdoor spaces ignite imaginations and [...]

Fairy Wind Streamers

How to make a Butterfly Girl (and Dragonfly Boy) Wind Streamer: Hunt for driftwood or sticks Cut up old scraps of material (we used strips of satin and silk). You could even cut strips from an old t-shirt. Choose a suitable sized stick. Wrap the material around the stick and tie a knot. One strip [...]